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‘You Better Show Up for That Glow Up’: Tami Roman Displays Her Natural Hair Growth, Two Years After Revealing She Went Bald After Faulty Hair Dye Job

Tami Roman stunned fans on Aug. 2 after she flaunted her natural hair growth in a new Instagram post. This update comes two years after Roman shared she suffered a scalp infection from a bad dye job that ultimately left her bald. 

In the initial growth upload, the 51-year-old informed her followers that the photo showcased her stretched, middle-parted tresses before she washed them. Roman said, “Fro before the wash with the gray center part πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.” 

Fans gush over Tami Roman’s natural hair after the former reality star showcase her tresses following a trim. @tamiroman/Instagram

The former reality star also mentioned in the hashtags that she had freshly trimmed her ends while raving over the growth she has experienced from using various natural hair products. As Roman’s legions of fans began viewing the image, many of them raved about how beautiful her hair is, as others talked about the growth. 

“You better show up for that glow up!!

“Natural Beauty!😍.”

“Love the color and it looks beautiful.”

“I love it and it is so pretty it really has grown.”

“Cmon growing & showing!! I see you sis😜.”

Tami Roman debuted her natural curls back in June following her two year post hair dye fiasco. Photo:@tamiroman/Instagram

Back in June, Roman debuted her natural curls on Instagram following her 2019 big chop. She captioned the post, “2 yrs after the big chop & keeping it braided under my units.”

Roman’s hair debacle was captured on television in 2019 after the mother of two appeared on an episode of “Personal Injury Court” with Judge Gino Brogdon. She opened up about what she says was her journey with alopecia, and the hair color treatment that caused her hair to fall out. 

She said before exposing her damage hair wrapped up underneath a wig cap, “Whew, chile, let me tell you. I’ve dyed my hair most of my life because I grayed early. So, I went to my stylist, and I said, ‘I want you to take my hair to platinum blond,’ and he said, ‘You know, it’s going to be difficult.’ And I said, ‘I still want it.’ And, six weeks later, all the hair fell out. I wanted what I wanted, and now I’m bald.”

Following her appearance Roman later poked fun at herself in a tweet by writing, “This was so damn fun! I done exposed my wig cap & bald edges if you missed it… you missed a good keke.”

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