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‘Can We Just Close the Toilet Seat?’: Tamar Braxton Fans Get Their Plates Ready for Singer’s ‘Bathroom Fried Chicken’

When Tamar Braxton wants to throw down a meal, she’ll do it by any means necessary — even if it means frying chicken in the bathroom.

The singer did just that Thursday when she wanted to whip up something in the kitchen but a power outage forced her to get creative.

“Hey, guys, I’m at Tamar’s house — well, one of her many houses –and I want y’all to know that she is making chicken … in the bathroom,” her older sister Toni Braxton says in the May 30 video.

“So? My outlet went out!” Tamar shouts from the kitchen.

“I want y’all to know that we’re having bathroom fried chicken,” Toni continues on as Tamar shouts that Toni will be digging in when it’s finished. “This is the powder room in her office condo. I want y’all to see that it is really a bathroom. … Bathroom chicken.”

“BFC anyone? (Bathroom Fried Chicken) Compliments of chef @tamarbraxton 👩🏽‍🍳,” Toni captioned the video.

In further defense of her chosen cooking space, Tamar commented once the chicken finished cooking, “But tell em how many pieces you had??? The electricity went out and u wasn’t about to mess my chicken up Sorry🤷🏽‍♀️”

tamar braxton

Fans, on the other hand, had a mixed response to the chosen cooking space.

“Seriously so many germs in the bathroom.”

“Yeah, I must agree. Cooking in the bathroom is ghetto and extremely nasty, to say the least. I don’t even keep my damn toothbrush in my bathroom. Too many nasty people.”

“No. Nope. Never. The toilet seat wasn’t even down!”

“Now that’s a real mamma. Making it work.”

“Can we just close the toilet seat😫? And I think, it’ll be all just fine. 🤣😂🤣😆 That Bathroom looks cleaner than alot of folks kitchens.”

“I learned in microbiology that the dirtiest place is your kitchen not bathroom. The whole class guessed the bathroom. Your kitchen carry more bacteria than your bathroom.”

Despite the bathroom shenanigans, there’s further evidence that Tamar knows how to make a meal in the kitchen, too. Last summer, the single mom cooked an entire spread full of soul food that would make most anyone’s mouth water.

Even though the entirety of Tamar’s family told her they’d come for dinner, they failed to show up. That left just Toni to enjoy the fixings. And Tamar was none too pleased.

“I went to the grocery store PERSONALLY for all this 😤Nasty ass 15.99 a PACK Bison, (like its a synthetic ponytail 😰)bbq pot roast, mac and cheese, string beans, mash potatoes, Alfredo shrimp, my famous rice, grandma’s yams, AND peach cobbler… all for NO ONE to show up🤬 mind you I’ve been working ALL day too!! I was at the gym at 6:30 a.m., AND took Beans to see @theincredibles (which was REALLY good btw)….This is my LAST time doing all this and no one comes!! My STUPID ass falls for it EVERYTIME!! WTH is wrong with my DESPERATE ass!🤦🏽‍♀️!! Maaaaaannnnnn….This is why I don’t….. nevermind ☹️ it don’t matter…” Tamar vented on Instagram in June 2018.

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