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‘Inspirational’: Waka Flocka Flame Suggests He Would Give Up ‘Celebrity Life’ After Learning How to Farm

Waka Flocka Flame appeared to add aspiring farmer to his extensive resume on Monday, July 26, after the “No Hands” lyricist uploaded a series of TikTok videos as he “learned” how to farm on what seems to be his property. 

Waka starts the first recording by showing fans his stacked hay and two cows he called his “babies” before the 35-year-old ventured off to a local location of home improvement retailer The Home Depot to pick up some supplies. 

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame shows fans his progress on his farm by uploading a stream of TikTok videos. Photo:@wakaflocka/Instagram

As the video continued, the “Waka and Tammy” star then came on screen and said, “I told myself I’ma learn how to farm, bruh.” He also added the caption, “Just a good o day,” alongside an upside-down smiling emoji. 

In the second clip, Waka is seen getting down and dirty as he appears to start up the lawnmower to cut the grass and take the weed whacker to remove unnecessary weeds. Toward the end of the video, the rapper broke up some soil before planting seeds in the tomato garden. The “Round of Applause” emcee described how this experience made him feel when he captioned the post, “Man nature so beautiful #eachoneteachone. I’ll take off what y’all call celebrity life… Materials and everything that I got to show y’all.”

Despite showing progress on what appears to be his estate, it is uncertain when Waka purchased the farm. 

Upon viewing the videos, many fans expressed their reactions to the news. One claimed Waka must have experienced something within the music industry that made him want to leave it in order to find peace. They said, “Waka seen something he didn’t like in the industry and got his god/nature on. #RESPECT. In which the rapper bluntly responded, “The devil.”

Other fans showed Waka their support as he embarks on this new journey.


“Look at waka man…inspirational.”

“Waka out here livin tha dream life rn 😌😩.”

“Waka Flocka Farmer.”

Waka’s latest venture in taking up farming may not be a surprise to many, given the reality star’s past stance on trying to live a more healthy and positive life. In 2018, Waka opened up about why he was no longer a vegan during an interview with GQ magazine. He told the publication one reason behind his decision was the inconvenience and confusion experienced with trying to maintain a vegan lifestyle. 

Waka said, “The food was great, but I didn’t know where it was originally coming from. People were just saying it’s vegan, but when I got deeper and deeper into the findings, I started seeing that some food was crossbred. They’re saying it’s vegan, but it’s GMO’d as f–k. They’re saying anything that has life you can’t eat, but technically water has life in it! Plants have life in it! Everything has life in it! Then they’re saying, ‘Well, if it don’t bleed…’ I’m like, c’mon! And then they started talking about how I can’t eat honey. I can’t eat honey?”

He continued by mentioning his sole reason as to why he initially became a vegan. “When I went vegan, I was on this positive thing. I wanted to be positive. To me, vegans was the people who didn’t talk bad on people. They wasn’t chastising us and shit like that. And then as I was eating vegan, people started piggybacking off of my stories to companies. So I’m like, Hold on, they’re actually piggybacking on what I’m saying and making dollars off this? I didn’t like that.”

Waka finished his statement by claiming that to be a vegan in his eyes is being aware of what an individual consumes daily, whether it is from what they watch, hear, eat or drink. He added if those things aren’t in order, they aren’t considered vegan.

“To me, vegan is what you watch, what you hear, what you eat, what you drink. If you don’t have all those things in order, you’re not vegan. You can eat plant-based all you want, but if you curse people out, watch people killing in movies, sex s–t—that’s not vegan. You can’t say, ‘I’m a vegan but I’m going to go watch a movie with a f–king lion killing a zebra.’ That’s not vegan because your subconscious has to eat vegan too.”

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