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‘Stop with the Negative S—t’: Yandy Smith-Harris Claps Back at Instagram User Who Questioned Her Foster Daughter’s Current Living Situation

Yandy Smith-Harris responded to an Instagram user who, on Thursday, July 22, questioned the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star about her foster daughter Infinity Gilyard‘s current residence and why Smith-Harris returned Gilyard to her grandmother. Smith-Harris and Gilyard addressed that particular topic during a recent episode of “LHH: ATL,” which aired earlier this week.

During the conversation, the 39-year-old told Gilyard the sole reason behind her decision was because of the teen not following her rules when she was asked to stop seeing an older unidentified individual who allegedly brought havoc into their home.

Yandy Smith’s decision to return her adopted daughter Infinity Gilyard to her grandmother sparks a social media debate. Photo:@yandysmith/Instagram

The Instagram user wrote in the comments section underneath one of Smith-Harris’ newer posts, which included a clip of Smith-Harris and her children riding around in the car and listening to music, “Why you give that girl back.”

An Instagram user questioned Yandy Smith-Harris about why she decided to return her foster daughter Infinity Gilyard back to her grandmother. Photo:@yandysmith/Instagram

The mother of three immediately clapped back by telling the individual, despite how the situation may look on camera, that is not the case in real life. She even claimed that Gilyard is “forever welcome” in her family. “give her back?! WHAT?!! First of all, she’s not an item. She’s a person. A person I love. She went to college. That’s first! Silly. Then second when she aged out of foster care she made the grown decision to continue to live her life as a woman making her own decisions that were outside of my rules. She is forever welcome in my family.”

Smith-Harris added the teen will always be her “baby” regardless of whether she lives under her roof. “Stop with the negative s–t. Y’all know there are feelings and people attached to the situations you speak of. You do know we occasionally read comments…stop talking to us like we’re emotionless objects. That’s for all that speak on her. Be kind or you will be blocked. That’s my baby even if she’s grown and out from under my roof.”

Yandy Smith-Harris clapped back at an Instagram user who criticized her for returning her foster daughter Infinity Gilyard to her grandmother after she refused to stop seeing an older unidentified individual who reportedly was causing issues within the family. Photo:@yandysmith/Instagram

The reality star initially took Gilyard into her home in2018, while also beginning the process of becoming her foster mother. Smith-Harris ultimately completed the entire process the following year. The pair first met in 2015 and Smith-Harris mentored the teen for about three years.

As Smith-Harris’ comment went viral on social media, many fans’ reactions to her statement were split. Some people understood her stance regarding the situation while others brought up how she could’ve handled the circumstance differently rather than making it so public.

“At the end of the day, rules are rules grown or not if you wanna do what you won’t go somewhere else that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her lol.”

“Ummm Yandy is right even if she did it for clout.. in order for u to have a roof over your head and what ur foster mother has to offer to ur life you need to obey her rules! She claims she didn’t feel invited to Christmas.. “we supposed to be a family “But the person u hanging around threatening to take u and the rest of my kids taken away … u made a choice and we ain’t ur family if that is ok with u 💯.”

“I like Yandy but IDK about this one.. why put that part on LHH then get mad because ppl are discussing it? She never should’ve said that on tv if that’s her ‘child.’”

“I’m sorry but if you really LOVED her you wouldn’t have put this situation on national TV. She exploited that girl for ratings and the girl said it herself Yandy.

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