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‘I’m Throwing Whatever’: Kiely Williams Discloses the Sole Reason Why the Alleged Chicken Incident Occurred Between Her and Naturi Naughton

Kiely Williams seemingly provided the sole reason behind the alleged chicken-throwing incident with her former 3LW bandmate Naturi Naughton on July 21 after BET’s “The Encore” producer Carlos King shared a clip from the show addressing the infamous event. “The Encore” is a reality television series that documents the lives of nine former R&B girl group members and a solo female singer forming a supergroup to create an album within 30 days. 

The series, which premiered a month ago on the BET network, currently stars Williams, alongside Nivea, Aubrey O’Day from Danity Kane, Shamari DeVoe from Blaque, Pamela Long from Total, Felisha and Fallon King from Cherish, as well as LeMisha and Irish Grinstead from 702. 

Kiely Williams admits the sole reason behind the alleged chicken incident between her and Naturi Naughton occurred over the “Power” actress allegedly calling Williams mother a b—h. (Photo: @adminthecarlosking_/Twitter)

In the initial recording, the 35-year-old is seen cradling a KFC chicken bucket as she participated in a “burning exercise.” Although the premise behind this particular exercise is unknown, many can assume that it brings light to the backlash that has followed Williams after Naughton shared details of the incident during a past interview

Naughton claimed that in the early 2000s, apparently 2002, during her stint in 3LW, an argument ensued between her and Williams because she and another band mate Adrienne Bailon allegedly wanted the “Notorious” star gone. The verbal altercation ultimately ended with Williams allegedly throwing a KFC two-piece meal, which consisted of mashed potatoes and chicken in her face.

Williams, who previously denied the altercation ever happened, stated in “The Encore” episode that she specifically didn’t throw chicken in Naughton’s face, while also confirming she did throw something at the “Ghost” actress for calling her mom a “b–h.” She said during a confessional, “I didn’t throw chicken at anybody. The chicken was in my hand, but if you call my mother a b—h, I’m throwing whatever.”

In addition to that revelation, Williams expressed that her entire life despite having a successful career in the music industry has become a “fried chicken meme.” 

Following the premiere of the July 21 episode, Williams, while live-tweeting, reiterated the same thing she initially said in the show regarding the chicken throwing incident. The mother of one wrote as she retweeted King’s post, “Throwing hands, and whatever is in them over my mother. She is a saint. If my phone was in my hand and not my dinner, she would’ve gotten that. And none of you would’ve done any different. #betpresentstheencore.”

Williams followed that upload by referring back to Naughton’s previous claims in another tweet. She said, “I saw a clip of an interview a while ago with an ex-group member talking about ‘profanities were exchanged,’ and I think the question is: what profanities were ‘exchanged’ before I popped off? Was it ‘b—h’ and my mother in the same sentence?”

As the clip of Williams discussing the incident started circulating on social media many fans expressed that she keeps bringing up this subject just to remain “relevant,” while others brought up Naughton’s success following the disbandment of 3LW.

“Look at Naturi’s career compared to yours..that speaks volumes right there..she keeps getting blessed for a reason!!”

“She ain’t expect Naturi to level up like this & it’s killingggg her 😂😂😂.”

“Is this all she can talk about to stay relevant 😂.”

“I guess Naturi is the only way for her to stay relevant because she don’t talk about nothing else smh.”

“Naturi has a real career , she doesn’t have time for that lol.”

Williams seemingly confirmed her role in the KFC two-piece smackdown with Naughton earlier this month after bashing her former band mate for standing beside Phylicia Rashad following her controversial celebratory tweet stemming from Bill Cosby’s prison release.

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