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‘She’s Only 10’: Bow Wow’s Daughter Dancing with Mom Joie Chavis Leaves Fans Shook

Joie Chavis and Bow Wow’s daughter, Shai Moss, has grown quite the fan base since she debuted her dancing, singing and acting skills.

While the young star has been getting a lot of love from fans, it looks like her latest TikTok video with her mother has gained her some criticism. The mother-daughter duo decided to take on a new dance challenge in the May 24 video.

Joie Chavis with her and Bow Wow’s daughter, Shai Moss (Photo: @joiechavis/Instagram)

They performed the dance associated with the “Touch Down To Cause Hell” song by HD4President, which consists of the participants turning around when the beat drops and walking away while bouncing their rump shakers. The two did the video perfectly until the end when Shai decided to add a little something extra, waving her left arm in the air while shaking her hips. Chavis briefly stops and stares at her 10-year-old daughter before scooting her out of the camera.

“When a mom and daughter dance turns into the daughter doing too much 😩😭,” she said in the caption for comedic relief. Other fans joined in on the laughs. One said, “She was testing ya gangsta. She’ll be ready for heels in a few years. *She get it from her momma*.” Another person wrote, “Joie, you got your hands full with Shai lmao.”


When a mom and daughter dance turns into the daughter doing too much 😩😭

♬ original sound – Kam Tarvin 💕

But while some thought it was funny, a few parent patrols were doing the opposite of laughing. One person said, “Why would you even do this ? She only 10.” Another said, “Lord have mercy. Inappropriate. What is wrong with parents allowing their young kids to do this stuff ?” A third disapproving person added, “No no no. Do some kid shit with her. Ugh.”

Neither Joie Chavis nor Bow Wow has yet to respond to the critics and may not since they are used to dealing with fans and haters after being in the public eye for years. Last month, the two not only got to celebrate their daughter turning 10; they also were beaming over her acting debut on a Nickelodeon series called “Side Hustle.” In December, she shared some headshots and news that she’s been in acting classes, so you can expect to see more of Shai in the near future.

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