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‘Ice T Daughter Look More Like Ice T Than Ice T Look Like Ice T’: Fans React to Shocking Resemblance Between Ice-T and His Daughter

Like father, like daughter.

“Law and Order: SVU” actor Ice-T’s name began trending on Twitter after fans discovered from an Instagram photo just how much his daughter Chanel Nicole looks just like him. The photos in the Sunday, July 18, post were taken at last weekend’s Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin. Ice-T performed at the event with his metal band Body Count, while his wife and daughter attended for support.

The post contained three photos: A solo photo of Chanel Nicole, one of Ice-T’s wife Coco Austin holding Chanel Nicole on her hip; and, in the third, Coco and Chanel Nicole were pictured next to the wives of the Body Count members, as stated in the caption.

Viral photo of Ice-T’s daughter and his wife Coco (Photo: @babychanelnicole/Instagram)

The caption also revealed that this event was Chanel Nicole’s “First @bodycountofficial show since the pandemic.” But based on the pictures, 5-year-old Chanel seemed pretty comfortable probably because she “grew up on the stage and sidelines..” as written in the caption. 

It’s not clear what made fans screenshot the photo of Chanel and her mother and post it on Twitter, but the photo quickly spread like wildfire. Fans came up with creative and hilarious ways to explain how much Chanel and Ice-T look alike. 

Ice-T (L) and Coco and Chanel Nicole (R) Photo: @icet/ Instagram, @babychanelnicole/Instagram

One person wrote, “Ice T daughter looks more like Ice T than Ice T looks like Ice T… #BlackTwitter.” 

Another person said, “Ice T daughter is gonna be auditioning for Law and Order Preschool.”

Someone else wrote, “Ice T genes whooped tf outta Coco’s! He SPIT this baby out!”

Neither Ice-T, 63, nor his model wife, 42, has said anything about their baby girl trending on Twitter, but Ice-T, born Tracy Lauren Marrow, has recently spoken on how his relationship with his daughter has changed since the start of the pandemic in 2020. When it comes to being in quarantine, he told Hollywood Life, “It’s been great. I would have never been able to spend as much time with Chanel. And this year, I’ve gotten to be home more than ever. It’s great for all of us.” 

Ice-T and Coco have been married for two decades, and 15 years into their marriage, they welcomed their daughter Chanel Nicole. Ice-T also has two adult children from two previous relationships. He has a daughter named Letesha Marrow, and a son named Tracy Lauren Marrow Jr. 

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