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Migos Group Sheds Lights on Sentimental Reason Behind Those Doves on Their Album Covers

Migos may talk big game in their music, but the reasoning behind a common thread running through their ‘Culture’ albums’ artwork hints at the fact that they still hold special places in their hearts for the first women in their lives.

Offset and Quavo, joined much later by Takeoff, stopped by Amazon Music’s “Connected with Wayno” on Wednesday, June 23, to discuss their highly anticipated fourth studio album, which was released on June 11. The show is a mixture of conversation and live questions. During the latter part of the talk, Offset dropped a little gem about the symbolism behind a piece of artwork that shows up on all of their album covers.

Migos’ “Culture III” album cover Photo Credit: @migos/Instagram

When a fan asked the guys “who is your biggest inspiration?” it took Offset no time to let the fan know that their mothers inspire them every day, before sharing the meaning behind the doves found on their ‘Culture,’ ‘Culture II’ and ‘Culture III’ covers. “Our mommas,” he stated at the 44:16 mark of the chat. “That’s why we always shout ’em out. Our family, our grandmommas. That’s why you see them doves. That’s grandma on them album covers.”

Migos albums’ Culture and Culture 2. Photos: Apple Music/ Screenshot

Quavo also revealed that if he weren’t rapping, he’d still want to be involved in the music industry. Instead of the spotlight, he’d want to remain behind the scenes as a producer. He said, starting at 23:24, “Most definitely be producing. I make a lot of beats but we use them for the boys and it’d most definitely be producing if I wasn’t rapping.”

Looking forward in their careers, Offset said that for the future of Migos the options are endless.”Different levels of film, different levels of fashion, different levels just to keep elevating…it’s no limitations because if you put a limit on yourself it’s like you might get there, but it can be bigger than that. With our lives, bro, we come from the Northside, bro, and we done came so far, like unbelievably where we at. Don’t want to take it for granted so we just want to keep moving. I don’t know how to say what’s next because it’s like you can’t see what’s next.”

“We some icons man,” added Quavo. “Before it’s said and done we gon’ be the greatest group in the world and individually we all want to be icons, and then when we merge it together, greatest group of all time. We still got work to do.”

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