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‘So Full of Emotion’: Megan Thee Stallion Pays $8K Balance for Fan’s Funeral Costs

Hot Girl Summer is upon us, and Megan Thee Stallion is doing good deeds. On Tuesday, June 15, she donated $8,000 to cover the rest of a fan’s funeral costs.

One fan with the Twitter handle, @selenachichis tweeted Megan with the sad news that her best friend, Shaniah, passed away. She wrote, “Meg we lost a hottie 😭 our best friend passed away unexpectedly. They absolutely loved you, listening to ur songs was something we did every time we were together. We’re helping their family w funeral costs. We started a gofundme & are halfway there. @theestallion.”

Megan Thee Stallion donates $8,000 to fan’s GoFundMe after learning from the fan’s friend that she’d passed away. (Photo: @theestallion/Instagram)

Nearly three hours later, after asking her followers to help tag Megan under the post, the tweeter received a response from the “Savage” herself. Megan wrote, “How much do y’all need,” to which the fan said, “We need 8k.” The 26-year-old femcee responded with a screenshot from the GoFundMe page, which declared that the family now has $8,155 in their account.

The fan excitedly updated others with news that she’d received the money, and she was sure to thank Megan as well. “YOU GUYS I CANT BELIEVE THIS!! WE HIT THE GOAL😭😭😭 @theestallion THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING THEIR FAMILY! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!! FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!! I AM CRYING SO FULL OF EMOTIONS💜💜💜💜.” The fan even went as far as to encourage her followers to show Megan some support. She wrote, “Y’all better RIDE for @theestallion if you weren’t already. Shaniah is in heaven freaking the f–k out right now.”

Other fans also cheered on Megan. One person wrote, “And this is why I love her, she never disappoints.” Someone else said, “Meg to the rescue, she take care of her hotties.”

When it comes to the pain that comes from losing a loved one, Megan is all too familiar. In March 2019, when Megan’s career was just beginning to soar, her mother, Holly Thomas, passed away from a brain tumor. Thomas was not only Megan’s mom, but she was also her manager and her inspiration. Thomas herself used to rap under the stage name “Holly-Wood.”

Weeks after Megan’s mom lost her battle to the brain tumor, her grandmother passed away as well. Her father died when she was in her mid-teen years — of a cause Megan hasn’t revealed.

While it’s safe to say Megan misses her loved ones, it also can be said that she’s definitely making them proud. She’s a multi-Grammy Award-winning artist. Since her first hit single, “Big Ole Freak,” she’s made smashing hits with some of the biggest names in the industry like Beyoncé Knowles and Nicki Minaj. Now after much-needed rest, she’s dropped a new single called “Thot Sh-t” for her hotties fanbase.

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