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‘Time for Another Baby’: Tyler Perry’s Son Is Growing Up and He Can’t Take It

Tyler Perry decided to upload a unique post in celebration of Father’s Day.

On Sunday, June 20, he shared a video of the nursery room for his son, Aman Tyler Perry. Panning the room, he showed the animal print wallpaper, the numerous stuffed animals, books and a crib. Although he did not show himself in the video, he can be heard saying in the background “Wow, time flies. Six years old now and I still haven’t been able to pack all this up. Happy Father’s Day everybody.”

Tyler Perry shows video of his son’s nursery. (Photo: @tylerperry/Instagram)

His caption read, “To every father who realizes that time is flying!!! Happy Father’s Day.” Many fans said it back to him while others were admiring the room. A few people pointed out that Perry has a copy of the new children’s book “The Bench” by Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. One fan wrote, “Yassss to The Bench sitting on your dresser. I love it. Happy Father’s Day Mr. Perry.”

Others were happy to see a Bible in the child’s nursery. “I love the Bible being open on the dresser. 🙌 You are such an amazing person inside and out.” Some fans were flat-out confused and taken aback that Perry even had a child. It’s understandable why some would be confused since the only thing fans really know about Perry’s son is his age and his name. But Perry, like a few other celebrities, has chosen to protect his son’s identity by not posting any pictures of him.

One of the more interesting comments is from a fan who wrote, “Love the nursery! Maybe it’s time for another baby? 😉 Have a very Happy Father’s Day @tylerperry ❤️🙌.”

Gelila Bekele, model and activist, and Perry’s ex-girlfriend (Photo: @gelila.bekele/Instagram)

Perry shares his child with model and activist Gelila Bekele. They dated after meeting at a 2007 Prince concert and welcomed their son in 2014. In December, Perry revealed that he was “single” after also sharing that he was going through “a midlife crisis” at age 51.

Bekele never spoke about their breakup and has chosen to opt out of posting their son on social media as well.

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