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‘Why Would You Want Your Child to Have to Struggle?’: Fans Shame Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson After He Tells Daughter to Get a Job to Buy Expensive Shoes

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is trying to teach his fans a thing or two about parenting.

On Saturday, April 24, he shared a screenshot of a conversation he had with one of his daughters via text. He did not specify which daughter it was but he showed that she texted him, “Let me know when u go to Token Miami to get more shoes imma come with you cause I wanna get these yeezys that they have.” The former NFL player responded, “You said you were getting a job, i worked at McDonald’s by Edison to attain extra stuff i wanted in high school.”

Chad Johnson. (Photo: @ochocinco/Instagram)

His daughter, who seemed to have been thinking about getting a job replied, “When I finish school I’m getting one. How imma get a job and I have school & track practice to attend throughout the day.” However, Johnson was not trying to hear it, and instead of showing sympathy for his daughter’s busy schedule he wrote back, “I caught the bus to school, then went to football practice, caught the bus to McDonald’s for a 6hr shift all while maintaining a 2.2 gpa & being a star athlete.” He captioned the tweet “Parenting 101: kids don’t understand the sacrifices it takes🤬.”

But it seems kids are not the only ones who do not understand what Johnson calls sacrifice. Some fans seemed to disagree with his lesson as well. One person responded to his tweet writing, “The whole point of becoming successful is so you kids DONT have to go through what you did. Struggling isn’t necessary to make you a good person.” Another wrote, “A 2.2 GPA is nothing to be proud of, especially when your GPA would’ve been higher if you weren’t breaking your back going to school, playing sports, and working 6 hours a day after being in school all f-cking day. Way too many of y’all think teenage burnout is good.” “Why would you want your child to have to struggle,” another person said.

However, other fans agreed with Johnson’s way of parenting. “Struggle??…he is building character…humbleness… accountability responsibility…Things this generation knows nothing ABOUT!!? Gj ocho 💜,” said one fan coming to his defense. Someone else said, “He is trying to teach his kid to pay for the thing be wants. Not a bad lesson to learn.”

As it turns out, Johnson might not have been as serious as everyone thinks. He shared another screenshot of his message with his daughter where she asked why the fans were going at him so hard. He replied, “They don’t know I’m trolling that’s what makes it funny. I love this sh-t it’s so funny and entertaining.” His daughter replied, “Fr😂😂😂 they doing too much.”

This isn’t the first time the 43-year-old has gone on a trolling spree on fans. In 2019 he tweeted, “McDonald’s hit different when it’s the first date….” But it’s also possible Johnson might actually believe what he said, as he said something similar in 2014 when he tweeted, “1st date is ALWAYS McDonald’s no matter who you are/were. RT @travis2240 @ochocinco do you take your dates to McDs?”

The former Bengals wide receiver has admitted before that he’s the type to be a bit of a penny pincher. Last year, he said on Twitter that his family knows him most for “Being cheap as hell.”

Well, at least the father of four isn’t in denial about it.

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