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‘You Gave Your Pearls to Swine’: Michelle Williams Claps Back at Black Twitter’s Attempt to Cancel Destiny’s Child ‘Cater 2 U’ In a Hilarious Video

Michelle Williams comedic take on June 12 while addressing Black Twitter’s attempt to cancel Destiny’s Child’s song “Cater 2 U” stirred up a commotion in the comments section after the singer uploaded an Instagram Reel, a 15-second multi-clip video. “Cater 2 U,” released in 2004, was a single from Destiny’s Child’s last studio album, “Destiny Fulfilled.”  

The controversy surrounding “Cater 2 U” began after a Twitter user named Ari LaBeija shared a viral tweet regarding her feelings towards the song’s meaning. LaBeija said on the June 5 tweet, “Me listening to ‘cater 2 u,’” a quip accompanied by a meme of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Erica Dixon wearing a skeptical facial expression. The track’s theme is about women wanting to serve their love interests submissively. 

Michelle Williams addresses Black Twitter’s attempt to cancel “Cater 2 U” by Destiny’s Child 17 years after the song’s initial release. @michellewilliams/Instagram

Williams — who referred to herself as Merleen in the recording and the caption — said while adding a cartoon feature named Cartoon 3D, “My name is Marleen, and I just read y’all wanna cancel ‘Cater 2 U’ by Destiny’s Child. Oh, honey, you didn’t deserve who you were catering to, and you gave your pearls to swine. Don’t be mad at Destiny’s Child uh uh.” 

The 41-year-old also informed fans in her caption that she wanted to add her opinion, although she knew the cancellation was all jokes. She said, “I know it was all jokes but Merleen still wants to add her commentary!! 😂.”

Upon viewing Williams’ video, many people couldn’t stop laughing at her comments. In contrast, others mentioned that “Cater 2 U” was meant for women who have partners that treat them well in the relationship. 

“I am screaming😂😂😂”

“Not gave the pearls to swine. Bye Michelle!!!! 😂😂”

“Y’all do know that “cater 2 u” was like…for n–as that actually do right by you right….real submission.”

“Facts lmao dont be mad at destiny child, no where in that song did they say cater to scrub. Know your value & worth.”

Despite Williams’ response to the current controversy about “Cater 2 U,” this isn’t the first time she has addressed song’s “unrealistic” expectations. In 2018, while having a meal with her ex-fiancé, Chad Johnson, Williams shared a lengthy Instagram Story post about how Johnson was waiting for her to fulfill verses 1 and 2 — sung by Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland — in their relationship.

Beyoncé’s verse talked about the singer wanting to spoil her spouse by doing various things such as cooking and running his bathwater. Rowland’s mentions how she wants to fulfill her spouse’s sexual needs.

Williams wrote, “Cater to You comes on and I made this face [rolling eyes emoji] Because he’s waiting on the first and second verse to be fulfilled one day. I wrote my verse about empowering and uplifting the man. I wish you would tap me on my shoulder while I’m sleep. That was Kelly’s promise not mine.”

Williams wrapped up the caption by admitting although she was fed up with the expectation from past failed relationships, she now knows that she found a man who is worthy of those listed verses.”I know that I NOW have a man worthy of those first two verses. I was so over the foolishness back then and I was like, ‘I’ll just let you know you’re a good man without all the extra and I’ll always have your back.'”

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