‘Ah Brookie and Her Sweetheart Mikey’: Playdate for Kenya Moore’s Daughter and Eva Marcille’s Son Leaves Fans Gushing

Kenya Moore‘s daughter, Brooklyn Daly, 2, and Eva Marcille‘s son Michael Todd Sterling Jr., 3, tugged many fans’ heartstrings on Monday, May 31, after an image of the toddlers’ playdate was uploaded on Brooklyn’s Instagram page. In the snapshot captioned “#friends 👶🏽👶🏽❤️❤️,” Sterling is seen cuddling with Brooklyn as she snacks on an unidentified item. 

Prior to Brooklyn’s initial reunion with Sterling, the toddlers were last seen together online at her cowgirl-themed birthday party in November. The duo’s playdates and adventures have become a fan favorite since Sterling first appeared on Daly’s Instagram account last July in a post that read, “Brookie and Mikey break bread together courtesy of the chef @evamarcille #toddlerlife.” The snapshot displayed the two eating a meal Marcille prepared.

A May 31 playdate for Kenya Moore’s daughter, Brooklyn Daly, and Eva Marcille’s son Michael Todd Sterling left fans smiling. Photo:@thebrooklyndaly/Instagram

Upon viewing the “adorable” image, many fans couldn’t stop talking about how “cute” Daly and Sterling were. 

“Could it get any cuter?”

“They’re so adorable ☺️😍”

“Ah Brookie and Her Sweetheart Mikey 😍😍😍.”

“The cutest duo!”

“Two of my favorite people!!😍😍 @thekenyamoore @evamarcille . I so love their little adorable friendship!!!❤️❤️”

As many people gushed over the photo, a couple mentioned how the toddlers may have inherited their mothers’ modeling looks. One wrote how Daly and Sterling were two of the most beautiful babies they have ever seen. “Oh my gosh. They are two of the most beautiful babies I probably have ever seen.” Another said, “These babies are so adorable, Mikey’s eyes melt you at first glance and Brookie is just so beautiful you can hardly stand it.🥰🥰🥰.” An Instagram user suggested that the duo should take part in a photo shoot together. “They should totally do a baby model shoot! It’s only right!😍😍😍😍😍.”

This wouldn’t be the first time a follower has pointed out Sterling looked similar to his supermodel mother. Last April, the physical features between Marcille and the toddler were apparent after she uploaded an image of her son, who was asleep at the time with his mouth wide open as he laid on a pink blanket. The model, who was in awe of her son’s beauty, captioned the post, “Lips.”

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