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‘That Ain’t La La’: This Celebrity’s Mom Posts a Thirst Trap That Goes Left After Fans Mistake Her for La La Anthony

Jordyn Woods isn’t the only one who has a look-a-like. Many people say she and her younger sister Jodie Woods have the exact same face, but fans are now saying there is another person in the family who may have a twin.

According to fans, the model’s mother, Elizabeth Woods, has a striking resemblance to another celebrity. On Wednesday, June 2, Elizabeth posted two thirst trap photos. In one, she posed topless with nothing but her bottom intimates on, and in the second, she wore a glowing smile while being covered up in nothing but a towel.

Jordyn Woods’s mother, Elizabeth Woods, bares skin on Instagram (Photo: @elizabethwoods/Instagram)

On her Instagram, Elizabeth revealed that she had taken a trip to her favorite spot called Skinic, which is a body aesthetic center that does body sculpting, cellulite treatment, skin tightening treatments, etc. In the caption, she wrote, “I’m back at my favorite spot @skinic ❤️🔥!! Love them so much!!! #skinic #lymphaticdrainage #emsculpt #bodycontouring #beauty.”

While some people were admiring Elizabeth’s hips and curves, others were doing a double-take. After looking at the photos, one person asked, “That ain’t LaLa?” Someone else hilariously wrote that she was “Looking like Lala Anthony Sr. 😭” Another person commented, “crazy how jordyn, jodie and the mom look like triplets.”

La La (Photo: @lala/Instagram) and Elizabeth Woods (Photo: @elizabethwoods/Instagram)

Last year in January, Elizabeth let the world know that her face is not the only thing Jordyn gets from her. Following the scandal with the Kardashians and Tristan Thompson, Jordyn blew up over the internet, with many praising her for her good looks and her banging body. But one critic accused Jordyn of getting butt implants, and her mother came in to let the person know that she was misinformed.

Elizabeth Woods defends Jordyn Woods after people accuse of her of getting butt implants. (Photo: @elizabethwoods/Instagram)

She showed three photos, two of which showed off her and Jordyn’s smashing figure, and wrote, “@jordynwoods yes is my daughter which means she has my genetics. We have ass naturally! No one has gotten any butt lifts.. this is one of the craziest things that I keep reading..let’s focus on important things everyone and make a positive change ❤️.”

Looks like Jordyn gets it all from her mama!

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