‘See You Later’: Eboni K. Williams Responds to Recent ‘RHONY’ Episode Where Her White Castmates Seemingly Took Issue with Topics About Race

Eboni K. Williams announced that she is taking a social media break on June 1 in light of the racial topics that “Real Housewives of New York” discussed in an episode that aired the same night. The issues stemmed from an argument Williams and her “RHONY” Luann de Lesseps had over education. 

In the Instagram Live recording, Williams started by saying she is coming from a very vulnerable place as she reveals the news, “I want to let you know that after tonight’s episode I’m not going to be saying goodbye, but I’m going to be saying see you later by way of social media for about two weeks.”

Eboni K. Williams revealed on June 1 that she was taking a social media break in light of the new episodes of “Real Housewives of New York” tackling important topics about race. Photo:ebonikwilliams/Instagram

She went on to describe the next couple of episodes as intense without giving away too many details. “I really want to stress that they’re really important episodes y’all. And I want you to lean into them, and I want you to watch them, and I want some of y’all to watch them multiple times.”

Williams pointed out that this season was incredibly different from the others because of what went on in New York City when it was filmed in 2020. Last year America was in the grips of a global pandemic and a social crisis stemming from the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

“This season is different — yeah — for those of you saying it, it’s different this season, you’re right, We’re in a pandemic, we’re in the middle of the most dynamic call to action around racial reconciliation certainly among our generation, and we’re in the heartbeat of it all in New York City.”

Williams is taking a social media break because she wanted her followers to form their own opinions and discuss what she deemed vital. The 37-year-old added that she is choosing to prioritize her well-being, and she referenced tennis star Naomi Osaka — who recently withdrew from the French Open to focus on her mental health — in hopes to protect her peace from this “rich and dynamic” conversation, especially from trolls.  

“I know a lot of that conversation and discussion is gonna be rich and dynamic and important and productive … and a lot of it is gonna be some bulls–t.”

The attorney and Revolt TV “State of the Culture” host continued by saying that her time away isn’t stemming from her “RHONY” cast mates’ responses but more of her using this moment as an educational lesson to those who may not understand the racial injustices in the world. 

“This is about leaning in, listening, making space for the ability to sit with someone else’s pain, even when you don’t understand it.”  

She concluded the live by sharing that the next two episodes of the franchise will showcase the authenticity of a relationship between Williams and her cast mates. 

“I will say — spoiler alert — what happens tonight and what happens on next week’s episode is the foundational bedrock to an ability for me in this group of women to develop a true sisterhood. And if you believe in the authenticity of relationship, and shared humanity, and sisterhood, this is what the f–k we’re talking about.”

During the “RHONY” episode aired on June 1, Williams and her costar Luann de Lesseps got into a heated discussion over education. The argument began after two other cast mates Ramona Singer, and Leah McSweeney, clashed over openly discussing sex with friends when Lesseps stepped in and said that vulgar language doesn’t line up with their conservative values. Upon hearing that, Williams expressed how she disagreed. 

She said, “I don’t subscribe to the fact that to use those words means you’re unclassy or not a lady.” Lesseps responded that type of language has nothing to do with class but “has to do with education.” The conversation took a turn for the worse when Williams brought up that she is the most educated person in the group, and stills feel comfortable talking about sex.  

Following that response, the discussion transitioned to a racial topic after Williams, and Lesseps’ argument came to a head. Williams said, “Your white fragility is killing me right now,” as she called out Singer for complaining about the noise level of the verbal altercation. Lesseps then defended Singer and asked Williams why she would bring up race if no one went after hers. As the pair returned to the initial education discussion, Williams’s tone changed because she felt her opinion wasn’t being heard, in which Lesseps called her “angry.”

The argument ended with Williams leaving Lesseps’ residence.

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