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‘She Always Says Inappropriate Things’: ‘RHONY’ Newbie Eboni K. Williams Slams Co-star for ‘Derogatory’ Comment Toward an Employee

As the latest addition and the first Black cast member on the “The Real Housewives of New York,” Eboni K. Williams is seemingly still assessing the cast members she sees herself becoming close with on the show. However, one co-star is already raising red flags for the television host. 

The announcement that the media personality was joining the New York cast of the popular Bravo franchise came in October 2020. The news almost caught the attention of many viewers online who had expressed interest in seeing a fresh face on the show. However, many were worried that Williams would clash with the other women, mainly because of some of her castmate’s strong and sometimes controversial personalities. 

(L-R) Eboni K. Williams calls out Ramona Singer for derogatory comments. Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Revolt/ Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Page Six reported that during the latest episode, star Ramona Singer invited Williams and the rest of the cast, Sonja Morgan, Luann de Lesseps and Meah McSweeney, over to her mansion in the Hamptons. At one point in the day, Singer confused two of her employee’s names. Soon after, she calmly blurted out, “I get my help wrong.” The remark stunned newcomer Williams. The lawyer fired back, “Honey, nobody is the help.” At her confessional, Williams called the comment “derogatory” and “demeaning.” In a preview for the upcoming third episode, Williams addressed the remark, telling Singer, “The ‘help’ comment was a little triggering for me.”

On social media, fans, were furious and claimed that Singer’s efforts to change her often offensive ways seemed unproductive. One Twitter user wrote, “There is no healing Ramona, she will be an a–hole for life. #RHONY.” Another responded, “Ramona is a condescending elitist who pretends to forget ‘the help’ names. Does anyone else see how she is being phony with Eboni? But me thinks Eboni is on to her fake a– behavior!”

A second person wrote, “And there it is, Ramona with ‘the help’ comment. I wonder if Eboni will take her to task for that? Someone should. So TIRED of Ramona’s excuses on why she always says inappropriate things. #RHONY.”

“Kudos to Eboni for keeping her cool after hearing “the help.” My black ass would have pulled her aside or wwnt home. It’s a pandemic, and my racist meter is broken. #RHONY,” wrote a third. 

Some viewers of the show pointed out that they find this to be routine for Singer. A fourth person commented, “Has Eboni never watched #RHONY? Ramona refers to everyone as the ‘help’ and treats people in the service industry like shit. This is not new.”

Singer has been accused of being racist and displaying what many would deem racist behavior in the past. She was once called out for stating “All Lives Matter” during the “Black Lives Matter” protest.

It’s still unclear where Williams stands with Singer. “At this point with Ramona, I’m seeing some things I like — very welcoming, opened her home to me, invited me on this trip. And then I’m seeing some things I don’t really like so much. Calling the lovely Michelle, who’s there to help her, the ‘help,’ ” Williams said in her confessionals. “So, the jury’s still out on Ramona.”

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