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‘She Got a Man That Buy Pools’: Steve Harvey Shuts Down Fan Who Tells Marjorie Harvey to Get a ‘Pool Boy’

Steve Harvey does not play when it comes to his wife Marjorie Harvey.

On Memorial Day, Marjorie was all smiles in a Instagram photo while wearing her matching summer set that consisted of shorts, a top, and a jacket. She set off that ensemble with red slippers, mirrored shades and a hat as she beamed while holding up a glass of wine.

Steve Harvey checks a fan in Marjorie Harvey’s comments. @marjorie_harvey/Instagram

Naturally, the mother of three received a lot of praise in the comments. Beyoncé’s mom, Tina Lawson, said, “❤️fine as wine in the summertime 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️.” Tamar Braxton commented, “It’s the outfit fa me 🔥.”

After being on comment watch, Steve decided to respond to one fan that wrote a message in Marjorie’s comments. The fan wrote, “you still need that pool boy 😏,” and Steve responded with, “@loscott314 naw she don’t need no pool boy she got a man that buys pools and anything else she needs.”

It is possible that the comment that the fan left stems from an old episode of the “Family Feud”, which Steve hosts, where the men and women in Steve’s family played each other. Since there were fewer men than women in the Harvey family, Marjorie played on the side with the men. In one round Marjorie had a faceoff with her mother, and Steve said, “We asked 100 married women ‘Some days I’d be willing to trade my man for a really good what?”

Screenshot of fan commenting on Marjorie Harvey’s photo. Photo: @marjorieharvey/Instagram

Marjorie beat her mom to the buzzer and answered, “Pool boy.” Harvey responded, “the what?” and Marjorie followed up with “I’m sorry,” while laughing. Steve, who wasn’t laughing but instead had a slight astonished look on his face said, “What did you just say,” as the audience continued to laugh. They went back and forth for a while before Steve announced Marjorie’s answer by saying “Trade me in for no damn pool boy.”

Surprisingly, Marjorie got the fourth answer on the board. but it came up as “Young stud.” However, her mother had her beat with her response, which was “Good rich man.” The response, which was the second-best answer, appeared as “bank account” on the board.

A fan recalled the 2017 episode and jokingly wrote, “He still mad about her saying she wanted the pool boy on family feud 😂.”

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