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‘We Were Shoplifting’: Wendy Williams and Mark Curry Reveal Intimate Details About Their Date

Talk show host Wendy Williams and actor Mark Curry took a stroll down memory lane this week when the funnyman made a guest appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show.” 

During their moment of reflection, The “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” star recalled a time when he and the talk show host shoplifted and later dined-and-dashed while out on a lunch date. Williams, known for her outgoing personality, was almost mute as Curry chatted away, sharing some of the great times they shared. At one point, Williams points out that Curry’s Dolce and Gabbana belt was backward. Instead of feeling embarrassed, Curry claimed he intentionally wore it that way. He then got up from his chair and spoke to audience members, telling them, “But, see, you do that on purpose. If you want a woman to notice you… it’s all about game.” He added, “You see, when she came out, what she was looking at.”

Wendy Williams (L) reveals that she and Mark Curry (R) went on a date in the ’90s. Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

After exchanging some kind words about each other’s appearances, including Williams commending the actor for “holding onto all of your hair,” especially for someone turning 60 years old soon, Williams asked the actor if he remembered their date.

The “Talkin’ Dirty After Dark” actor replied, “Yes, I remember, we were at Sam Goodies, we were shoplifting. It was crazy.” Williams maintained she had no clue that had happened. Curry continued, “She ran out with a computer, and I was behind. That was the day. It was the ’90s. It all right. Just them [audience]. Then we went out to lunch, and we ran out of the bill too.” 

Once again, Williams was left with a smile on her face and speechless. However, the comedian jokingly assured her that there was nothing to worry or be ashamed about, telling the host, “It is what it is. It’s Ok. It’s OK. We famous now. They can’t catch us. Baam!”

Williams explained that at the time Curry was in his prime and admitted that she was honored that the star had asked her out on a date. However, signals seemingly got crossed, and Curry wasn’t “catching” what Williams was “pitching, and I just stopped, ’cause you had me laughing.” 

Although a romantic relationship wasn’t formed, Williams is still grateful for the memories that were made, as she described, “It’s stories like that that I love so much, because now, as you mature in your career, there’s little funny stories like that that you can tell.” She added, “Like, I had a date with Mark.”

Fans in the comment section appeared to enjoy Curry and Williams’ vintage moment, and some even suggested seeing them as a couple, including one YouTube commenter who wrote, “Mark curry is so funny and charming. I wish he was single. I feel like he’s the kind of man Wendy needs in her life.” Another person commented, “I enjoyed this interview and I can tell Wendy has a small crush.” They added, “Mark is very charming and funny and I wish him continued success.”

“Bummer he can’t actually date Wendy. They would be a good fun match,” expressed a third. 

Check out Wendy Williams and Mark Curry’s interaction down below.
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