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‘This Is The Serena We Know and Love’: Serena Williams Seemingly Hits Back at Bleaching Rumors with New Photo

Serena Williams is making sure fans know she’s in love with the skin she is in. 

On May 20, the legendary tennis player posted a photo wearing a two-piece set. Her honey-blond tresses rested on her shoulders as she fiercely glared into the camera. Although Williams did not say anything in the post, many fans believed she was trying to redeem herself from a previous photo she posted where her skin appeared to look much lighter than it actually is.

Serena Williams posts beautiful photo with fierce glare. (Photo: @serenawilliams/Instagram)

The photo caused quite the stir, with haters accusing Williams of bleaching her skin and others saying the look was a result of a bad makeup job. Nonetheless, all of the commotion caused Williams to delete the photo, but not before celebrity manager Wack 100 got a screenshot of it. He posted the photo next to an older photo of the mother of one and wrote a lengthy message in the caption about self-love and Black beauty.

Wack 100 comments on Serena Williams photo and preaches about self love and Black beauty. @wack100/Instagram

He said, “To each his own but I don’t wanna believe this – And if this picture is authentic I wanna say WE AS A RACE have to look at ourselves. NO EXCUSES but Ima speak on it. WE are the first ones to make jokes about a BIG NOSE or LIPS or Kinky hair or how BLACK one is. This makes a person say well if this is wrong that over there is right ! BEAUTY IS OUR BEAUTY. A Asian woman features may be unattractive to another races eyes but BEAUTIFUL to that RACES eyes —- FOR THE RECORD I LOVE US AND WHAT MAKES US US – let’s not bash but learn so maybe we won’t have another one of our public figures trapped in the twilight zone — #HumbllySubmitted.”

Williams never made a comment about the incident, nor is it clear if she caught wind of Wack 100’s post. But she received a nod of approval on the May 20 photo. One fan said, “This is the Serena we know and love. Gorgeous!😍”

Some fans alluded to the deleted photo. One person said, “Now this makeup artist did you right 👏 😍,” and another said, “Don’t ever put that makeup you had on yo face again ruining true black beauty.”

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