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‘Romeo Somewhere Punching the Air’: Soulja Boy Confirms ‘Verzuz’ Battle Against Bow Wow, Fans Recall Romeo Wanting to Battle the ‘Like You’ Rapper First

It looks like Soulja Boy and Bow Wow may be added to the plethora of artists on the “Verzuz” card soon. On May 22, the “Crank That” MC took to Twitter, writing, “Soulja Boy vs. Bow wow #verzuz It’s official.” 

Bow Wow quickly responded during an Instagram Live telling his peer that he has so many number ones. “Soulja, if you go on Google right now and type in the most rappers with the most number ones, you will see Drake first, Eminem, Lil Wayne.” 

Recording artists Bow Wow and Soulja Boy perform during the 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta, Georgia. Civic Center on October 18, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia.. (Photo by Ben Rose/WireImage)

Bow Wow then tells someone near him to Google the most rappers with the most number ones.

“I’m going to pop up,” he continued. “I’m on the list with a lot of greats; it’s not a lot of us. The company is incredible.” 

The “Take Ya Home” rapper then showed a phone to the screen with the list and said, “Soulja, you ain’t on this list.” “Y’all see Bow Weezy,” he added. 

“Bow Wow, I’m right there,” the MC then said. “Who am I tied with? Me and T.I. have seven number ones. Drake is first. Kanye, Bow Weezy, T.I., then Nelly, then Nicki, then Cardi, Post Malone has four, T-Pain, Luda, and Chris Brown.” 

“I don’t see you on this list, Soulja. Are you sure you want to do this? You can renege right now. ‘Crank That’ was f– huge, but you’re not on this list,” Bow Wow concluded.

Fans found the Ohio native’s response to Soulja Boy about the “Verzuz” battle hilarious. 

“Lmaooooo, this is going to be more of a comedy show 😂😂😂 , but BOW to the WOW does have hits, lol.”

“Ion know Soulja 😂 Bow Wow has made a compelling argument.”


Fans also pointed out that Romeo Miller, known for hits like “My Cinderella” and “True Love,” wanted to battle Bow Wow first. 

(L-R) Romeo Miller and Bow Wow. @romeomiller/Instagram @shadmoss/Instagram

“Romeo somewhere punching the air.”

“Lmao, Lil Romeo finna be so hurt.”

“Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo.”

Miller appeared on Fox Soul’s “The Mix” a week ago and mentioned challenging Bow Wow to a Verzuz battle. 

“It really showed the light, and it really showed that nothing’s wrong with friendly competition,” he said. “Baby, this is what the sport is about. This is what the game’s about. This is what makes us better. And y’all inspired me,” Romeo continued. 

“Imma put this out there: if Bow Wow do a got—- battle, and it’s not with me, don’t do it. I’m just saying, so if Bow do a battle, I’m open for it.”

As he did with Soulja, Bow Wow quickly responded to Miller on Twitter. 

“You sure you want this smoke? I see you calling me out. You sure this what you want to do? #VERZUZ.” 

Rapper Romeo Miller responds to Bow Wow after he tweets him about a Verzuz battle. @romeomiller/Instagram

Miller felt some way about Bow Wow’s response to him because he wrote a lengthy message on his Instagram Story. Miller wrote that he’d given Bow Wow his roses since they were kids and reached out to him on several occasions to celebrate their eras together. 

“I could put my pride to the side if it means doing something positive and bringing back nostalgia for a dope a– generation,” Miller also wrote. 

However, Miller made it clear that if Bow Wow has a severe problem, that two can get on Logan Paul’s boxing card and hash out their issues in the ring.

“This is about showing the impact that 2 young Black kids had on the entire industry. That’s the win. To inspire the next! It’s NoLimit,” Miller added. 

“You got my number, hit me. Blessings, young Legend,” Miller concluded. 

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