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‘You Gone Find the Rhythm Today’: Kelly Rowland Shares Hilarious Video of Husband Tim Weatherspoon Teaching Son Titan to Dance

Kelly Rowland had fans cracking up on Thursday, May 20, after the singer revealed she was living a real-life “Black-ish” situation as she shared a clip of her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, teaching their son Titan Weatherspoon, 6, how to dance. “Black-ish” is a hit ABC television show about a successful family man, played by Anthony Anderson, trying to keep his children from losing touch with their Black culture as they grow up in a predominantly white neighborhood.

In the Instagram story captioned, “Some Real Life ‘black-ish’ ISh,” Rowland advised her fans that she, alongside Tim, are trying to help Titan — who attends private school — find some sense of rhythm at home. She said, as E-40’s “Tell Me When to Go” blares in the background, “For all you black parents who have black kids out here that goes these private schools with some of the kids that be doing slower movements, you know what I mean, and you have to teach them at home. “

Kelly Rowland shares video of her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, showing their 6-year-old son, Titan, how to dance. Photo:@kellyrowland/Instagram Story

Rowland continues while panning the camera to her husband and Titan dancing, “This is what they do.” She added while cheering and instructing her son to stay on beat with the music “Go, Titan. No Titan, not double.” As the video comes to an end, Tim suggests that the six-year-old keep the head-bopping movement.

A handful of fans tried encouraging Titan while others couldn’t help but crack jokes.

“Lmaooooooo poor baby he gon get it 😂😂.”

“Boy can’t find the beat with a map and GPS 😂😂.”

Titan Weatherspoon, and Tim Weatherspoon.Photo:@kellyrowland/Instagram Story

“He tryna do his best 😂.”

“The private school struggle is real 😂.”

One Instagram user went as far as to mention that Rowland is bringing this revelation about her son lacking rhythm to the light because she is a dancer. “She said you gone find the rhythm today!! I ain’t did all this dancing and signing for nothing 😂.”

Rowland, who has been dancing professionally since the ’90s while in the group Destiny Child, showcased earlier this year that she can move effortlessly to a beat even while nine months pregnant. While promoting her song “Hitman,” Rowland incorporated African dance with hip hop as she wore her Ivy Park attire. The mother of two captioned the upload, “#OOOOO SHE WANTS TO MOVE #HITMAN #dancingpregnanakeyoutiredAF.”

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