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‘Go Kelly and Baby’: Kelly Rowland Hits Choreography Moves While Almost Nine Months Pregnant, Blowing Fans Away

Singer Kelly Rowland danced her way into her followers’ hearts on Dec. 30 after posting a video showcasing her moves to her single “Hitman.”

The expectant mother, who is almost nine months pregnant, was seen incorporating African dance with hip hop while rocking her Ivy Park ensemble. Rowland was promoting her single when she captioned the upload “#OOOOO SHE WANTS TO MOVE #HITMAN #dancingpregnanakeyoutiredAF.” A number of fans raved over the star’s moves.

Kelly Rowland blew fans away after uploading a new dance video while pregnant. Photo:@kellyrowland/Instagram

“Go kelly and baby! Go kelly and baby!! Go go Go. 🤣👏🏾”

“It was the walk off for me!!! You betta work queen 😍”

“Girl…………… dance like that and this baby is gonna pop right out ! Love it @kellyrowland #getitmama”

“Wow. Even pregnant you’re still doing the damn thing!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😍”

“How is this girl pregnant with all this movement??? #goals”

While many fans praised the singer, others brought up Rowland’s former group, Destiny’s Child, which included Beyoncé and Michelle Williams. One pointed out that the 39-year-old’s outro reminded them of the popular girl group. 

“Yes that was a Destiny’s Child walk away🙌🏽👑.”

Another referenced the Destiny’s Child’s 2002 chart-topping song “Survivor” combined with the group’s name. “You are a survivor with a Destiny’s Child.” 

An Instagram user mentioned that they would love to experience another tour and album from the group despite their amicable breakup in 2006. “We need another destiny child album + Tour 👀❤️.”

In 2011, Rowland told Billboard magazine while promoting her album “Here I Am” that all three women were incredibly supportive of one another despite the breakup. “It’s just really great that we’re all doing different things and we’re all happy in our space.” She also added that the trio had no plans on working on a new album or touring together anytime soon. 

“To be honest with you — myself, Michelle and B — we haven’t talked about it. It has not come up in our conversations. We talk about everything else… But we haven’t talked about that yet.” Since that time, Rowland and Williams have joined Beyoncé during her Super Bowl performance in 2013 and Coachella in 2018. 

A day following the original post, Rowland announced she has officially joined TikTok by sharing a collaborative recording of fans putting their own spin to the singer’s “Hitman” dance.

“I am new to TikTok! Who should I be following?!? Follow me @kellyrowland! Meet me on there now! Help me out!! Also, the full video is on Tiktok! 😂 #HITMAN.”

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