‘What Happens When People Try and Kick In the Doors at the Wrong House?’: Chance the Rapper Shares That He Wants to Develop a ‘Hood’ ‘Home Alone’ Reboot

If you’ve ever wondered how the events of “Home Alone” would have played out had the hilarious series of events happened in the ‘hood, you may get that answer, thanks to Chance the Rapper.

During his Friday, May 14 appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the rapper teased his plans of recreating the classic film with a “hood” twist. “I’ve got this pitch for a ‘Home Alone’ reboot,” he explains to Fallon starting at 1:52. “As a lot of people know, I’m sure everybody here is a huge fan of ‘Home Alone’ and John Hughes. Chicago guy…Chicago film and since I was younger I always watched it and was like ‘What if there was a ‘hood ‘Home Alone’?’ Or ‘Hood Alone’ if you will.”

Chance the Rapper wants to bring ‘Home Alone’ to the ‘hood. Photo: @chancetherapper/Instagram

The Grammy Award-winning rapper, who has his eyes set on expanding his creative territory into film production, wants his version to be “just a little more realistic” than the original and to explore “what happens when people try and kick in the doors at the wrong house. Just a little more realistic story about what happens when people try and kick in the doors at the wrong house and hilarity ensues! I can’t give you too many details, but yeah.”

Chance added that his film would center around two children, replacing Macauley Culkin’s iconic original portrayal of Kevin McCallister, and asked Fallon if he wanted to get in on the project, which is still “up for grabs.”

If the film comes to fruition, Chance’s House of Kicks production company would oversee development. “House of Kicks is my film house,; it’s where we make our movies out of,” the artist explained. “The name comes from House of Kicks which was this Black-owned theme park that all the kids in Chicago used to go to. All the day camps and schools would take their kids on field trips to the House of Kicks. It was this big indoor place of wonder on the Southside where there was nothing that looked like that and when I first started building the film house and getting into stuff, I wanted it to feel like an amusement park.”

Chance’s concert film “Magnificent Coloring World,” which premiered May 14 and reportedly is set for a summer release in AMC theaters, is his latest project to come out of his House of Kicks company. It is also a groundbreaking one as it’s reportedly the first time an individual recording artist has distributed a film through the film chain.

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