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‘Stop Calling Me N—-r’: Black Actress Claps Back at Racist Naysayers Upset with Her ‘iCarly’ Reboot Role That Was Cast as a White Female In Original Series

Social media users spewing hateful and racist speech online were swiftly met with a response when targeting Black actress Laci Mosley

Over the weekend of May 15, Mosley shared that she was being bombarded with racist messages, including being called the N-word, following announcement in March of her latest project — a role on the reboot of Nickelodeon’s “iCarly.” Mosley will play Harper, the best friend of Carly, who is played by actress Miranda Cosgrove in the reboot. In the original series, Cosgrove’s best friend was Sam and played by white actress Jennette McCurdy, who has now retired from acting. But even with several other original cast members returning to the show, and the addition of a new best friend, fans still took issue with Mosley’s casting. Fed up with the onslaught of hate, Mosley addressed those trolling her in a video shared to her social accounts.

Miranda Cosgrove (left), who plays Carly in the original series and Paramount reboot, poses on set with Laci Mosley, who plays Carly’s new friend Harper. (Photo: @divalaci/Instagram)

“Hi, I’m playing Harper on ‘iCarly.’ I’m not replacing Sam. Jennette McCurdy is a wonderful person. I’ve never met her, but it’s no shade,” stated Mosley in the brief video along with the caption “Stop calling me n—-r and being racist.” 

Mosley further elaborated on the emotional toll the entire ordeal had on her in a separate post on May 17. “I love being Black. I hate how Black people are treated on this planet. … I was shocked when a celebration of all the hard work we’ve put into making this reboot was overshadowed by the most racism I’ve ever experienced in my life over the course of 72 hours,” she wrote.

She continued, “Racism kills. I can’t beg you to love me or yourselves enough to be kind to people but I can block you and protect my peace…Black is beautiful and no amount of slurs or vitriol you dump online will change that.”

Several members of the cast, including Cosgrove, and crew for the Paramount reboot shared messages condemning racism, and instead celebrated the work Mosley has done. McCurdy, who announced her departure from acting in 2017, has not publicly addressed the turmoil surrounding the show set to premiere on June 17.

As a production, “iCarly” released the following statement:

“Our company is proud to uphold the values of inclusivity and collaboration, where we work to embrace new and diverse voices, act care and work together. The upcoming Paramount + iCarly series is one of many examples of this commitment, and we support our entire cast and crew and stand against all instances of hate and racism.”

Show writers, which include Black comedian and author Franchesca Ramsey, also band together to release a statement addressing their shared lack of tolerance for racism and white supremacy rhetoric hurled at Mosley.

“We unequivocally denounce all racist attacks, anti-Black language and hate speech in the strongest possible terms … Harassment and white supremacy idealogy have no place in our show or the discourse around it.

Mosley’s fans and supporters shared comforting words with the actress online.

“God made no mistake in your talent or the body and skin it is in. Keep shining ✨”

“F–k those people. You’re the best. ❤️”

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