‘Something Going On’: Ludacris Is Back In His Signature Braids and Fans Are Stunned By His Youthfulness

Ludacris is taking it back to his “Incognegro” days and giving fans a heavy dose of nostalgia, thanks to the return of his iconic cornrows and sideburns.

The “Southern Hospitality” rapper, 43, shook fans with his youthful appearance when he shared an Instagram video that shows him rocking fresh braids and a smirk, and hinting that he’s “Up To Somethin 🤯.”

Ludacris brings back a familiar look. Photo Credit: @ludacris/Instagram

In addition to being a family man, Ludacris has been focused on promoting the upcoming installment in “The Fast and the Furious” series, “F9.” Since the rapper hasn’t released a new album since 2016’s “Ludaversal,” it’s possible that now he’ll switch gears from actor back to rapper, especially if there’s anything to be made of his “Warming Up 🔥” caption of his “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” performance post, during which he joined Conway The Machine and JID.

The “What’s Your Fantasy” artist has expressed that he was able to bring a little Luda to the “Fast” universe in his role as Tej Parker, whose first appearance in the film series was in 2002’s “2 Fast 2 Furious.” “It’s Ludacris in music and then Tej in the movie,” he told EW. “But the good thing, humbly speaking, is that it wasn’t too far of a stretch from my regular, everyday, ordinary personality. So I kind of was able to play Ludacris to a degree because if it’s my real first movie role, I think that’s a great transition to not be able to go too far the first time. It’s kind of like you’re just learning the fundamentals of what’s going on. So I’m not saying I was playing Ludacris in ‘2 Fast,’ but it wasn’t too far of a f*****g stretch from it.”

Fans couldn’t believe how well the rapper appears to be aging (or not aging) and demanded to know his secret, in addition to enthusiastically welcoming back the throwback look.

“He’s going back to the old Luda”

“Like wine”

“How can Ludacris still be looking like this after 84 years???????”

“Ludacris used to be older than me now we the same age. Something going on.”

Twenty-one years after the release of his 2000 “Back For the First Time” album, Luda is still looking good. Photo Credit: @ludacris/Instagram

The Atlanta-based artist also showed off his agelessness in a side-by-side post, in which he re-created his 2000 “Back For the First Time” album cover 21 years later and looked nearly identical in both images.

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