‘I Was Pissed’: Kandi Burruss Breaks Her Silence, Discloses What ‘Really’ Happened in the Studio with Boyz II Men Following Wanya Morris’ ‘Shady’ Remarks

Kandi Burruss candidly opened up on her YouTube channel on May 16 about her “worst “experience working with Boyz II Men and Wanya Morris‘ remarks about it.

Morris, upon hearing Burrus’ initial claim about his group, said this because of a disagreement over the ownership percentage of the Boyz II Men song “Good Guy” that was released in 2000. The Xscape songstress —who titled the show about her response to Morris “On that Note: My Worst Experience,” began the show by saying she didn’t address the situation sooner because she was focusing on her “Verzuz” battle against SWV.

She added that she did view some of Morris’s comments and felt that although some of them were caustic, that didn’t take away from the group’s artistry. Burruss said on mark 1:55, “No shade here. I love the group Boyz II Men as far as them being artists, I think they’re amazing. I have no shade about them, their career, or anything like that but what I will say is I did have a bad experience.”

Kandi Burruss expands on her side of the story following Boyz II Men singer Wanya Morris’ comments about why she said she had an uncomfortable experience working with the group. (Photo: @kandiofficial/YouTube)

Burruss went on to describe her interview with Eddie Levert Sr. where she asked to disclose her “worst artist” to work with, to which she hesitantly admitted it was Boyz II Men. The reality star claimed she didn’t know when revealing the artist that the interview would ultimately become viral.

She added that once Morris shared his side of the situation that she had to follow suit and reveal “that is definitely not why I said they were my worst experience.” Burruss disclosed that initially she and music producer Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs were set to work on two songs for the group, one of them titled “Good Guy.” Burruss explained that upon the group’s arrival in the studio she had already written the “majority” of the song, including the “verse, b section, and the hook.”

When the group — not including Nathan Morris — entered the studio Burruss claimed the initial interaction between her and Boyz II Men was good and shared that Wanya asked if he could collaborate in the songwriting process, to which she agreed. As the group finished writing the second verse to the song they then began working on their second track called “Beautiful Women.” For the second song, Burruss stated that Morris and Shawn Stockman “gave more input” in the songwriting process than she did. She claimed that when they completely wrapped that track it was “1:30 or 2 in the morning” and as the group was set to leave Burruss then brought up the splits. A split is a written agreement about what each contributor to a song gets in ownership percentage.

The mother of three explained that as soon as the splits topic was mentioned the light-hearted attitudes in the room “shifted.” When Burruss noticed the conversation was turning left she suggested because it was late that they talk about the financial aspect of the songs later in the day since everyone had to return to the studio. She says the group said in regards to the split that She’kspere would receive half publishing rights for both songs because he was the music producer while everyone else including Nathan Morris — who wasn’t present — would receive 10 percent, which didn’t sit right with Burruss, especially because she had written the majority of “Good Guy.”

The group and Burruss later came to a resolution to give Burruss 25 percent of “Beautiful Women” and the group would take 25 percent publishing rights of “Good Guy” and split it amongst themselves. The negotiation took a turn for the worse when the group called Burruss’ manager and stated that she would only receive the initial 10 percent and that they were keeping the 25 percent. Burruss claimed on mark 8:58 she heard everything the men were saying on the phone because her manager was right in front of her.

Kandi Burruss and Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men. (Photos: @kandi/Instagram, @waynamorris1/Instagram)

“Mind you, my manager is standing right in front of me, so I can hear their voices and hear what they’re saying and how they’re saying it. … And they were like, ‘I can’t believe she even fixed her mouth to ask us about some splits.’… They was like I should be happy that I’m even working on their album. This is what they’re saying to him on the phone, and he’s standing right next to me and they’re talking loud enough for me to hear them. ”

She added, “Of course I’m pissed. … I wasn’t making it personal, I was just trying to handle my business, but they were trying to act like they were so important that I should have just been glad to work with them and not have even asked them about the splits.”

The following day Burruss said that when Morris, Stockman, and Nathan Morris entered the studio they didn’t even greet her and also told her manager that they were only discussing the business aspects of the songs with her manager and She’kspere.

Burrus claimed the reason why everything went down the way it did was because of multiple things, one of them being their egos. She said on mark 12:01, “Listen I felt like it was multiple things. I felt like it was a lot of ego that they felt that someone who is writing with them or for them or whatever shouldn’t even be able to ask them about splits, that’s for one. And for two I definitely felt with me being a woman they felt like they didn’t have to do business with me. They didn’t have to talk to me or deal with me.”

This isn’t the first time Burruss responded to Morris following the split remarks he made last month. This month the 45-year-old showed off her music plaque she received for her writing contribution for Ariana Grande’s “Breakup with Your Girlfriend I’m Bored” after Morris threw shots at her career and claimed she was no longer working in the music industry.

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