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‘I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Been Disrespected Like That Before’: Kandi Burruss Says Boyz II Men Was the Worst Group to Work with

Kandi Burruss disclosed on April 26 during an Instagram Live with legendary O’Jays singer Eddie Levert Sr. that her worst collaborators in the studio were members of the R&B group Boyz II Men. In the candid interview with Levert’s daughter Ryan Levert as co-host Burruss initially discussed the many roles she has played in the entertainment industry, from reality star to singer-songwriter.

Burruss started on mark 37:52 by listing the easiest artists to work with. She said although she worked with a lot of people in the industry, two popular girl groups hold a special place in her heart.

Kandi Burruss reveals in an interview with Eddie Levert Sr. and his daughter Ryan on Instagram Live that worst artists she has ever worked with were the members Boyz II Men. (Photo: @eddielevertsr/Instagram)

“I had a lot of great people that were easy to work with. I mean, like I said, once we got into the flow, Destiny’s Child was easy to work with. It was just that initial getting to know each other phase, once we got cool with each other that was amazing. TLC, I mean, I had a great relationship. Even after ‘No Scrubs’ I worked with them again on the next album. So they are one of my favorite artists to work with. I don’t know, I mean, I work with a lot of people so. It’s a lot of easy ones. It was a lot of easy ones.”

When the topic shifted to the most difficult, Burruss was a little hesitant to respond. She said, “I hate to do it, I hate to do it. Ain’t no love lost, I mean, this is 100 years later, so it doesn’t even matter, but, yeah, I had a bad experience in the studio with Boyz II Men.”

When asked what made the experience bad, Burruss elaborated by saying it wasn’t the men’s talent that was the problem, it was their attitudes. “It wasn’t about the singing at all. … We fell out after that. It was an issue. I don’t think I’ve ever been disrespected like that before in the studio in my life. It was crazy. But at the end of the day, that was a long time ago. Clearly, you know, we’re past that or whatever.”

The mother of three added that she wasn’t expecting that outcome because she knew or had encountered a few members of the group prior to working with them.

“It was kind of weird for me, we were friends prior — well, some of us were cool. … I knew a few of them. We had hung out different times prior to being in the studio working together. So it was kind of unexpected to me that working together would have that result. It wasn’t a good situation.”

(L-R) Kandi Burruss and Boys II Men. Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images. Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

After Burruss’ response started circulating on social media, many fans expressed that they weren’t surprised by that answer because of the past rumors about the group’s terrible attitude. One even brought up how the group was accused of being rude to Babyface in an incident from the 1990s that was later alleged by producer Dallas Austin.

“It’s funny how the mess was with the men 😂.”

“This isn’t the first time I’ve hear boys 2 men were difficult to work with.”

“Boyz 2 Men caught an attitude with even Babyface.”

“It’s always the men tryna disrespect the women anyways. So i can believe it.”

“Everybody say that about Boyz II Men lmao 😂 they must’ve been wild!”

Buruss songwriting career credits start from the early 1990s. Her chart-topping hits include TLC’s “No Scrubs,” P!nk’s “There You Go,” and Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Bug-A-Boo.”  

Last month, Burruss revealed she also worked with pop star Christina Aguilera in an unreleased track by sharing a throwback photo with Aguilera and producer Dallas Austin. She captioned the upload “#TBT when music was life! Hanging out in the studio with @dallasaustins & @xtina.” 

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