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‘Get Over Yourself’: ‘RHONY’ Star Eboni K. Williams Sparks a Debate After She Reveals She Broke Up with Her Fiancé After He Chose to Quarantine with His Adult Kids Over Her

Eboni K. Williams of “The Real Housewives of New York” stirred up some controversy on Thursday, April 29, after she stated during her guest appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” that she broke up with her fiancé — whom she doesn’t name — because he quarantined with his children instead of her. The star’s reasoning behind the breakup stemmed from not “being number one” in his life.

The “RHONY” newbie told Wendy when the 56-year-old asked her if she was still with her significant other following the last time she appeared on the show the year before. “No, so when I was here for ‘Hot Topic,’ I actually had a ring on; I was engaged to be married.”

Eboni K. Williams caused a debate on social media after she revealed she broke up with her fiancé because he quarantined with his children instead of her. Photo:@thewendywilliamsshow/Youtube Screenshot

The reality star added that she was planning her wedding when quarantine revealed the harsh reality. “I was planning a wedding, and a marriage, more importantly. This quarantine, I think like a lot of couples, Wendy, it made us tell the truth about our relationship.” When the daytime television host asked the reality star how long she had been with her ex before quarantine, Eboni responded, “almost four years.”

Eboni further explained that she ended things because he didn’t quarantine with her. “I will tell you what happened. He actually didn’t quarantine with me. He has three children, two of which are young adults, and he chose to quarantine in New Jersey with his semi-adult children.”

She continued, “and for me, listen I’m not a parent yet; I get that they’re number one, but I need to be number one Wendy, and I wasn’t number one, so I needed to move on.”

Eboni also disclosed that she waited six months before ending the relationship because she was still “hoping” the couple could work it out and even mentioned they attended virtual counseling sessions. She closed out her statement by listing additional issues that possibly catapulted their relationship. “He’s a lovely man, just wasn’t for me, you know? He’s older, he’s been there, done that. Didn’t want a new baby and all that stuff I want.”

Eboni’s remark’s regarding her ex-fiancé’s quarantine residence and not being first in his life seemed to rub people the wrong way because it fused a debate once the clip made its rounds on social media.

“I don’t see nothing wrong with what she said! He put his kids first AS HE SHOULD. But she need a man to put her first so she left…”

“Shes not wrong y’all. You’re telling me he didn’t see her one time in 6 months?? Nah son.”

“She don’t have kids, nothing is wrong with her realizing that she wants to be first. When someone has kids you will never be first.”

Eboni K. Williams became the first Black cast member of “The Real Housewives of New York.” (photo source: Eboni Williams’ Instagram page / @ebonikwilliams)

“Why date people with kids when y’all know y’all don’t want to deal with what comes with it?”

“Oh Nahhhh that’s weird… You mad cuz he spending time with his family?”

“B–h Get Over Yourself That’s His Kids No Matter The Age.”

This isn’t the first time Eboni has made headlines. Late last year, “The State of the Culture” co-host revealed she would be the first black woman to join the “RHONY” cast. Eboni later opened in an interview with “People (the TV Show!),” what that experience meant to her and the Bravo show. 

She said, ““This is not the first time I’ve been the first Black woman in a space. I was the first Black woman at my law firm coming out of law school. When you are privileged to be the first, you represent your entire culture. I’m not just on this show as Eboni K. Williams. In many ways, I’m on this show representing Black womanhood. I take that responsibility very seriously. I don’t have the option to be a shrinking violet.”

Eboni added, “I don’t know how you have this show for 13 years, and you don’t reveal and revere those aspects of Black culture as they so deeply correlate with the New York City experience. We’re going to have all the race discussions. I’m not somebody to bite my tongue, and I don’t hold back. And that’s not for the sake of confrontation, that’s only for the sake of growth.”

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