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‘We Missed Her’: Michael B. Jordan Wanted Film to Help Lauren London Release Pent Up Emotions Following the Death of Nipsey Hussle

Sightings of actress Lauren London have been few and far in between since her longtime boyfriend and father of her son, Nipsey Hussle, was murdered. But now, two years after the loss, London is gracing screens again with the help of actor Michael B. Jordan, in the film “Without Remorse.”

While speaking with “Entertainment Tonight” co-host Nischelle Turner, Jordan found out just how much of an impact his support had on the actress’s return to work. Turner said she recently spoke with London, who shared she did not think she would ever act again following the 2019¬†tragedy.

Nipsey Hussle Posts Halloween Photo With Lauren London
Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London. Photo: @laurenlondon/Instagram

“She thought she just had to focus on her babies and just change her whole life, and she said you [Jordan] came to her as a friend about this role, and about doing this, and she just appreciated the safe space so much,” Turner shared with Jordan. 

The 34-year-old was taken aback after hearing London had shared that tidbit about their bond.

“I love Lauren. Lauren is like one of my homies. You know a lot of people don’t understand that, they don’t know that, but like, in what she went through, her strength was inspiring and truly incredible,” he shared. Hussle was fatally shot outside his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles. The late rapper and London shared a young son named Kross.

“We missed her. We need to see her on screen. We missed her and if this could be a start or a place to springboard her back to what she does so well, you know, I wanted to extend that to somebody that I cared about,” Jordan added.

Lauren London and Michael B. Jordan in “Without Remorse” (Photo: Amazon Prime Video – ‘Without Remorse’ trailer/Youtube)

Jordan said that like so many other people, he, also admired and looked up to the late rapper. That admiration for Hussle and respect for London is in part why he thought the role of his leading lady might be a welcome re-introduction for the actress.

“I feel like sometimes acting is a release you know, and to be able to express yourself in a way that you normally can’t in other situations, and I felt like specific to this character and their relationship on screen, I felt like it was an opportunity that if she was up to it, if she wanted to, that could be something for her to let some of that out.”

In the film, Jordan’s character, ex-Navy SEAL John Clark, seeks to avenge the murder of his pregnant wife, Pam Kelly, while uncovering an international conspiracy. Jordan shared that as much as he hoped the role could help London, he also found the actress to be a well of experience when tapping into his role.

“Even for me, selfishly as an actor to help me understand what I was going through as a character,” shared Jordan. “She helped me out a lot in this, and helped me wrap my brain around what that felt like, and you know, and respectfully how to channel that in a real way.”

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