‘You’re Not In an Abusive Relationship Anymore’: Joseline Hernandez and Wendy Williams Get Into Heated Exchange After Reality Star Claims Wendy Doesn’t Praise Others

Joseline Hernandez and Wendy Williams‘ intense discussion about “respect” set social media ablaze on April 28 after Hernandez bashed the 56-year-old on “The Wendy Williams Show” for not acknowledging general stars’ triumphs and successes when they make an appearance her show. The reality star was promoting season 2 of “Joseline’s Cabaret,” which is currently airing on the Zeus Network.

Hernandez said, “I’m an accomplished woman, and I just feel like every time I come to your show, you don’t give me those flowers now. … I should get those flowers from you. I should feel wanted by people like you. Not just me, but all the other young girls”

Joseline Hernadez blasts Wendy Williams for not praising her guests for their triumphs on her show. (Photos: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube screenshot)

To which Williams denied and said she has found Hernandez “entertaining.” Hernandez reiterated her statement by saying she felt the host is purposely riling up her guests.

“But we feel like you be trying us. We feel like you don’t be really rooting for us. … Especially with me. Every time I come on your show, you always want to compare me to another broad. I don’t need to be compared. I’ve made my own brand.”

She added while mentioning the success of “Joseline’s Cabaret,” “I’ve made my own brand for years. I’ve been out here the past decade. I got my own show, I’ve franchised my own show to another network. I have the No. 1 show in the country.”

Williams then corrected her and said she had the No. 1 show on Zeus and added that the network renewed it for a third season due to its popularity on the streaming app. As the women continue to clash, Williams brought up that they both feel “undervalued.” Before dismissing the conversation, Williams stated she as a host doesn’t make as much as men do in her field.

Hernandez eventually steered back to her initial point by saying that women should uphold one another at a higher standard and not compare one another regarding their careers. The 34-year-old then added that she needed to be respected because of how hard she worked to get to where she is now.

She closed her statement by saying, “Give me that respect, Ms. Wendy Williams, we love you. You have to do better. You not in an abusive relationship anymore. You don’t deal with that man anymore. You should be in a better place. When people come on your show, especially Black culture, you should be nicer to us, the ladies. You should respect us. You should give us our flowers while we’re here, and you should tell us how proud you are of what we’ve done in the streets.”

As the clip wrapped, Williams claimed she was not “proud” of all people and that she is a lot harder on women because she wants them to do better.

Although this clip received countless fan reactions from different viewpoints, a handful agreed that Hernandez was right for calling Williams out.

“No shade Wendy. Joseline got you together mama.”

“Welp Joseline wasn’t lying 💅🏾Wendy is harder on women of color and sometimes comes across as jealous— more than shady #DoBetter#IsThatYourRealHairEtc#EverybodyNotBaldHeadedMaam.”

“Joseline was right. Wendy really could uplift women more instead of throwing dirt on their names.”

“That was a Truthful READ…. Joseline is RIGHT.”

Joseline Hernandez (left) and Faith Evans (right). (Photos: @joseline/Instagram @therealfaithevans/Instagram)

While others praised Hernandez for speaking out. One Twitter user mentioned that the mother of one shouldn’t really be giving out that particular advice following her recent actions toward singer Faith Evans. “Lol Joseline talked about holding up other woman then she dragged Faith Evans’s name…”

Earlier this month, Hernandez threw shots at the “Love Like This” singer in a blog site’s comments section after the site posted a video of Evans sharing details about her relationship with her husband Stevie J., which began around the same time Hernandez and music producer allegedly were still involved. 

Hernandez said in a now-deleted comment, “This old b—h needs to keep the bricks out her way. I ain’t been with that man in 4 years. I’m happily with @balisticbeats. [Every time] my TV shows bout to drop this ol’ wore-down melted b—h got something to say to stay relevant.”


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