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‘B—h, You a Hoe’: Joseline Hernandez Slams Faith Evans’ Recent Interview About Breaking Up with Stevie J

Joseline Hernandez threw shots at singer Faith Evans on April 2nd after a gossip site ItsOnsite!, posted Evans’ clip opening up about her relationship with Stevie J. Henandez blasted the singer in the gossip site’s Instagram comments section. In the video from OWN’s “Behind Every Man” interview, the “Love Like This” songstress revealed she and her producer husband initially split for the first time while they began dating in 2016 because Stevie J at the time was still involved with Hernandez. 

Hernandez said in a now-deleted comment, “This old b—h needs to keep the bricks out her way. I ain’t been with that man in 4 years. I’m happily with @balisticbeats. [Every time] my TV shows bout to drop this ol’ wore-down melted b—h got something to say to stay relevant.”

Joseline Hernandez (Left) and Faith Evans (right). (Photos: @joseline/Instagram, @therealfaithevans/Instagram)

She continued by accusing the R&B crooner of cheating on Stevie J. “B—h, you a hoe. Your own husband told me and my husband last week you cheated on him with young n—-s, and you do all the time.” 

The 34-year-old concluded by promoting her television shows, including “Joseline’s Carabet,” of which season 2 is set to premiere this month on Zeus Network. Following Hernandez’s lengthy comment, the same blog site reposted the clapback, to which the reality star responded, “I’m tired of being nice.”

Joseline Hernandez comments on ItsOnsite! repost of her initial lengthy remarks bashing Faith Evans for her recent interview. Photo:@its_onsite/Instagram Screenshot

Many people expressed the idea that Hernandez’s angry fusillade wasn’t necessary, because Evans was only telling her side of the story and didn’t disrespect the “Love & Hip Hop” alum. 

“Does this not seem like a slight overreaction to what Faith said, or…??? 🤔.”

“But faith didn’t say nothing disrespectful about Joseline tho.”

“Chile Faith wasn’t even disrespectful or nothing. This woman needs help smh…”

“This was so unnecessary! Faith didn’t even say anything bad about her😩.”

“The gag is, Faith was telling her story & being very respectful about it… Joseline just a damn bully & wanted to promote that weak ass hoe show that ain’t nobody gone watch. Girl be an example for yo daughter bc as a grown woman everything ain’t got be RAHRAH.”

Hernandez and Stevie J made their debut as a couple on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” in 2012. It was alleged that the pair met at a Miami strip club where the rapper previously worked. Stevie J and Hernandez broke up in 2016, months before they welcomed their daughter Bonnie Bella. Since then the “Joseline’s Carabet” star has settled down with fiancé Robin “DJ Balistic Beats” Ingouma

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