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‘We Tried Very Hard’: Tichina Arnold and Tisha Campbell Share Why a ‘Martin’ Reboot Won’t Happen

For a while now, the subject of a reboot for the classic Black comedy series “Martin” has been in question. The former cast members have been asked for years about the likelihood of the show coming back, and it looks like there finally is an answer.

As they sat down on April 23 to talk about their friendship and time together in Hollywood on the “Tamron Hall Show,” former “Martin” castmates Tichina Arnold and Tisha Campbell shared there is a low chance of there being a reboot. “It’s something that we wanted to happen,” said Arnold. “It’s something that we tried very hard for it to happen, but the way it looks to me, realistically, it’s not going to happen.”

Tichina Arnold (left) and Tisha Campbell (right). (Photo: @tishacampbell/Instagram)

But all hope might not be lost. Although a reboot of the original “Martin” might not happen, Arnold revealed there could be another option. She said she doesn’t see it coming back “not unless it’s an animation.” Apparently, Campbell is the one that came up with the idea to do animation, but according to Arnold, “I would say a show can never ever be rebooted without the original cast.”

A “rebirth” or “reunion” are two other ideas the longtime friends had for getting the cast back together, which would be something that fans likely would appreciate, especially considering how “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” 30-year reunion last year was such a hit.

Adding another explanation for why a reworking of the 1990s sitcom will not happen, Arnold said “Tommy is no longer with us.” Thomas Ford, who passed away in 2016 from a ruptured abdominal aneurysm, played one of Martin’s best friends and Arnold’s love interest on the show. Furthermore, the “Everybody Hates Chris” actress believes not every hit show needs a remake. “This show is never going to be the same, never, and some things are best left alone,” she said.

Although Arnold and Campbell are most commonly known for playing best friends on “Martin,” there have been several other projects they have worked on together. Before “Martin” they sang and acted together in the 1986 film “Little Shop of Horrors.” In 2018, they paired up again to host the “Soul Train Awards” and came back for the next two years to host again. Now the two have joined forces again, this time to host a talk show called “Tisha & Tichina Have Issues.” In the show they will explore different topics together while interviewing celebrities. There is no information on an air date yet.

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