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‘She’s Still a Child’: Tammy Rivera and Daughter Modeling Video Goes Left When Fans Claim the Teen Is Showing Too Much Skin, Waka Flocka Responds

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Tammy Rivera has always been known for her fashionable looks, and the 34-year-old is taking her passion for fashion to the next level with her T-Rivera 2021 swim collection.

“Sneak peak of Trivera 2021 collection,” she captioned her post over the weekend. But Rivera isn’t launching the new collection from her fashion line by herself; her 15-year-old daughter, Charlie Rivera, is joining alongside her. 
Tammy Rivera and Charlie Rivera pose in Rivera’s 2021 swim collection for a photo shoot. @CharliesAngelll/Instagram
“My baby @tammiesangel wants to model, so her mama gave her her first paid gig; Why not? Kimora Lee Simmons started runway modeling at the age of 14,” she added to the caption. 

Rivera and Charlie posed in a black-and-white one-piece on a bike with Rivera’s fashion logo on the bathing suits. 

Rivera’s post garnered over two million likes, and while she believed she and her daughter looked great, a few fans criticized the mother of one for allowing her daughter to participate in the photo shoot. 

“Waka will be having a heart attack seeing his baby girl Charlie like this 😂😂 he had a meltdown when she wore a crop top.” 

“She should have had on more clothes, she’s still a child, smh.”

“I don’t like the swimsuit for a kid, but that’s her daughter 🤷🏾‍♀️.” 

“I love them, but my child wouldn’t have the lace wigs, long nails, makeup, n barely any clothes…..but hey to each its own.”

“I don’t know about this one. At least cover her up with one of your sheets. It seems like she is selling her off. Just my opinion. Nonetheless, Beautiful Girl.” 

While a few social media users weren’t hyped about 15-year-old Charlie wearing her mother’s bathing suit, others thought the piece was terrific on both Charlie and Rivera. And Waka Flocka wasn’t as bothered or upset as many assumed he would be. 

He commented on his wife’s post, writing, “My baby’s.” 

It looks like Charlie’s father figure approves of the photo shoot. Charlie herself is a fashionista, often showcasing her eccentric style on her personal Instagram page, @TammiesAngel. She is known for rocking colorful hairstyles, crop tops and more.

Rivera seems fully accepting of her daughter’s fashion choices that showcase her creative expressions. Also, Waka Flocka has played a role in Charlie’s life since she was four. The two share a tight bond, and even more so after her mother and Waka Flocka wed in 2014. 

Waka Flocka and Charlie Rivera take a stroll together. @CharliesAngelll/Instagram
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