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‘When You Find Someone That Matches Your Energy’: Keyshia Cole Teases New Boo on Her Social Media

Keyshia Cole might be off the market again.

On Tuesday, April 6, she uploaded multiple photos and videos, which hinted that she may have finally found her perfect match. The first now-deleted photo had the words “when you find someone that matches your energy🔥.” Keeping his identity hidden, Cole’s next post just shows two people holding hands. On that video, she put a personalized emoji with hearts surrounding her face and added the song “Whatever You Need” by Tony Toni Tone to it.

Keyshia Cole (Photo: @keyshiacole/Instagram)

The mother of two must be really falling head over heels over her new man because she gushed about him a little more in a couple of more posts. Later in the evening, she uploaded a meme with two people holding money to their ears and the caption reading “The only energy I need.” Cole added her own words to the meme saying, “Meeting a guy who can keep that same energy!! Priceless.” The last post she uploaded for the day referencing her new boo was a video of him walking, showing off his kicks and his motorcycle helmet but not his face.

Keyshia Cole posts about her mystery man. (Photo: @keyshiacole_/Instagram)

Whoever her mystery man is came in just in time to give Cole what she’s been missing from her last relationship: a foot rub. It was just three weeks ago that she wrote “I wish I had a man, to rub my foot! That was the best part of my last relationship” in her Instagram Story, making fans go crazy over what they thought was a shady message. Many could not believe that the “best part” of her relationship was a mere foot rub. She never named which guy from her previous relationship she was talking about, but the last relationship the “Shoulda Let You Go” singer was publicly involved in was with 25-year-old rapper Niko Khale.

With him, she has a 1-year-old son named Tobias Khale. She has another son, 11-year-old Daniel Gibson Jr., with her ex-husband and NBA player Daniel Gibson Sr.

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