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‘Daddies Love to Embarrass Their Daughters’: Fans Crack Up After Bow Wow Tries to Share a Special Moment with Daughter Shai

Bow Wow‘s father-daughter bonding time on April 4 got derailed after the rapper’s 9-year-old daughter Shai Moss pulled free to escape his singalong and horseplay. Bow Wow initially took to Instagram to wish millions of his followers a happy Easter by uploading a video of himself singing along to Bobby Caldwell’s 1978 classic “What You Won’t Do for Love” while trying to persuade Shai to dance with him.

He said in the recording, “Happy Easter! Happy Easter to everyone around the world! How you doing lovely? Come on, fat mama, let’s dance. Easter Sunday, daddy-daughter day. Happy Easter, tell the world happy Easter. My baby girl.”  Bow Wow, who evidently got the hint that Shai was over his antics, captioned the upload, “Okay at this point…. My daughter is over me and spring break! I just wanted a little daddy-daughter vibes. Or am i doing too much??? 😂😂😂 🐰.”

Bow Wow bonding moment gets sidetracked after his daughter Shai Moss escapes his playful roughhousing. @shadmoss/Instagram

Many fans expressed how much they enjoyed watching the clip. Several of them brought up how Bow Wow jokingly loves “stressing” Shai out.

“Daddies love to embarrass they girls 😂😍.”

“Lmfao he be stressing that lil girl out 😂😂.”

“I love how he irritates her….true love ❤️🙌🏽.”

“Idc!!! This is the best part of parenting… getting on our kids nerves!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

“Normalize fathers being corny with their daughters. ❤️ I love it.”

While many people laughed at the rapper’s video with his daughter, others marveled over their bond. One wrote, “Awww, I love this. Love their relationship❤️.” Another said, “I love everything about this!!!! ❤️”

An Instagram user mentioned how they love seeing Bow Wow as a father because that’s the only time he’s not “corny.” “I love their bond 😍 the only time he’s not corny.”

Bow Wow recently added “father of the year” to his résumé after he and Shai ran into Rihanna while they were all out eating at the same restaurant at an undisclosed location.

He shared an image of Shai and the “We Found Love” singer on social media. He initially posted it to his Twitter with the caption, “Took Shai to dinner last night and look who she runs into! Thank you sis @rihanna this made her year and made daddy of the year! Ri x Shai.”

Bow Wow followed it up by posting the same image on his Instagram Story and gushed about how Rihanna enjoyed Shai’s work, including viral dance videos. He said, “Guess who we ran into at dinner… This made her whole year. and she said she’s your #1 fan Shai.”

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