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‘Girl What Is You Sayin’: LaToya Ali Shades Drew Sidora for Her Actions at the ‘RHOA’ Reunion Taping, Fans are Left Scratching Their Heads

LaToya Ali bashed her “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Drew Sidora in a series of tweets on March 31, with the YouTuber calling out Sidora over an incident she said took place during the taping of the season 13 reunion.

Ali, who said she was ill last week during the shoot, alleged that the barber of Sidora’s husband, Ralph Pittman Jr., forcefully entered her room and jokingly handed her a Vitamin C packet.

Drew Sidora (left) and LaToya Ali (right) Photo:@drewsidora @latoyaforever/Instagram

She wrote, “I was sick at the Reunion. Drew had Ralph’s barber BARGE into my room without knocking with a camera in my face and said “compliments of Drew Sidora” and handed me a Vitamin C packet. Security kicked him out. Drew denied it. LYIN A– HEIFER!”

Ali also expressed how much she dislikes a “fake” religious person solely because of their alleged judgmental behavior. The mother of three said, “I can’t stand a fake Christian they are the first to cast judgement.”

The 35-year-old wrapped up her rant by throwing shots at Sidora’s husband. The “RHOA” star even went as far as to bring up Pittman’s three-day trip to Tampa. “Ralph stay out of women’s drama and go back to your side piece’s house in Tampa, Im sure her peach is juicer.”

When a fan asked the Vlogger why she went on this tirade, she responded with: “I got time today.”

Many people were stunned by the new alleged revelations. Some wanted to know the context behind Ali’s explosive tweets, while others had questions for Sidora.

“girl what is you sayinnnnn *in my Porsha voice* …”

“lol what ? i’ll wait for the details.”

“Lmfao not a Vitamin C packet. Lol I love for Drew Sidora. This is funny if true 😂.”

“Latoya started with drew from the beginning with the wig and then unprovoked repeatedly after that and yall wanna cry when Drew pokes back? Grow up 😂.”

“Crazy thing is, I believe her !! 😩😩😂😂 this sound like something drew would do! Lmaooooo.”

Although it is unclear what triggered Ali, earlier this week Sidora shared her thoughts on the YouTuber allegedly attempting to be sick so she wouldn’t have to attend the “RHOA” season 13 taping. In an interview with “Daily Pop,” the “Step Up” actress said, “Y’all gonna see what I did, I definitely know she was not ready for this work.”

Sidora added, “She was coming up with every excuse and reason, and she wanted her fans to back her up like she can’t come; they had to pull her. Like ‘Get out here, girl.'”

The mother of three concluded by saying she didn’t believe Ali was sick because after the shooting wrapped for the reunion, the YouTuber went out to dinner with her boyfriend. “She went out with her boyfriend after the reunion was over. Girl was fine. I’m not buying it.”

It’s unclear when the reunion will air, but “Housewives” franchise executive producer Andy Cohen confirmed on his Instagram story last week that production was underway. He captioned the photo, “#RHOA Reunion Day.”

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