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Bow Wow Talks ‘Easy’ Co-parenting with Ex Joie Chavis, Considers Including Her Son with Future In Family Activities: ‘At the End of the Day It Is Family

Rapper Bow Wow is proving to fans just how much he has matured over the years by making sure the children in his life are taken care of, even when that includes those who are not biologically his own. 

The rapper has two children, daughter Shai with former girlfriend Joie Chavis, and his son Stone with his ex Olivia Sky. While speaking with Jason Lee of “Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED,” the rapper opened up about co-parenting with Chavis.

Bow Wow (left) opens up about co-parenting to host Jason Lee (right) on “Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED.” (Photo: “Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED”/YouTube)

“Oh it’s easy, me and Joie, that’s my dawg. So proud of her,” explained the 34-year-old. The former couple have been co-parenting their soon-to-be 10-year-old since breaking up in 2013.

Bow shared that learning the ropes of co-parenting was not always easy, but with time he and the entrepreneur have found their rhythm. 

“It’s easy man, and I think with time, you know, not everything is perfect in the beginning, but as we grow, and we mature, and no one likes drama. … That’s my dawg for life, and she know I’ll do anything for her, that’s my homie,” he said.

Chavis, who runs her own fitness apparel line, also shares 2-year-old son Hendrix with rapper Future. While the toddler is not Bow’s responsibility, when asked about involving the child in future activities with Shai he said he would be more than happy to do so.

“I look at it like, when the kids are involved it’s just a positive situation. You know what I’m saying, it’s all about the kids, it’s family oriented and, you know, I’m prepared for whatever it is in the future that I’m ’posed to be prepared for as far as my duty as being the best dad that I can be,” said the “Let Me Hold You” rapper. 

He continued, “So if that’s Shai is 17 years old and her little brother is 9, he wanna roll, he wanna go to Six Flags, we have no problem, let’s pack it up and move. At the end of the day it is family and that’s her brother.”

Bow Wow says he and ex Joie Chavis have found their stride when co-parenting daughter Shai. (Photo: @joiechavis/Instagram)

The rapper’s fans were impressed by his maturity and proved it with countless comments on social media applauding his growth.

“That’s what I’m talking about! Family is still family. A lot of them are blended. 😍👍🏾”

“Damn he really has matured! I love this!! 😍😍”

“Awwww Shad. Love the kids ❤️”

“And that’s how you’re supposed to do it ❤️”

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