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Wendy Williams Faces Backlash from Ex-Husband and Others Following Her Comments About Bobby Shmurda’s Release: ‘We Don’t Wish Jail on ANYONE’

Talk show host Wendy Williams is not hopeful that rapper Bobby Shmurda will remain a free man, and her ex-husband Kevin Hunter has plenty to say about her comments “wishing jail” on others.  

During the “Hot Topics” segment of the March 25 “Wendy Williams Show,” Williams suggested Shmurda’s parole stipulations, such as not being allowed to frequent bars and nightclubs, not being allowed to hang with gangs or drink alcohol would all lead to the rapper returning to jail.

Rapper Bobby Shmurda (right) and friends during NBA All-Star weekend this month. (Photo: @itsbobbyshmurda/Instagram)

The Brooklyn rapper was released from a New York facility in February after serving six years on weapons charges. A contingency of his release was to be on parole for five years.

“Well, he has a lot of rules to follow if he wants to stay out of jail. He’s a rapper and there’s a certain quality of life or not life that you lead which lead him to jail,” Williams said before listing some of the rules of Shmurda’s parole. 

“Don’t be offended Shmurda, but I think you’ll be in trouble before the middle of the summer comes,” she continued. “By the middle of July he’s going to become a weakened man. Bobby, all eyes on you, and people will post, and people are jealous and even when they call themselves your family or your friends.”

Hunter caught wind of the comments and posted in his Instagram Stories: “Hopefully in the future my sons mother will do more research .. but in the meantime the “VIEWS” currently being expressed do not reflect that of my son or myself, we do not wish jail or incarceration on ANYONE .. 💯”  

Wendy William’s ex-husband Kevin Hunter shares on social that he does not agree with comments she made about Bobby Shmurda’s future as a free man. @therealkelvinhunter/Instagram

On social people were equally disappointed in Williams’ comments about the rapper’s freedom.

“Why would she even speak this what is wrong with her hasn’t her karma taught her enough ?”

“Somethings just dont need to be said”

“Why is she wishing bad on him … let’s think positive tf”
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