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‘Her Daughter Is Right There’: Kenya Moore and Drew Sidora Get Into a Heated Discussion Over Twerking for a Room on a Girl’s Trip, Fans’ Reactions Are Split

Drew Sidora and Kenya Moore continued their ongoing feud during the upcoming new episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” as the entire cast goes on a New Orleans trip shown in a preview clip shared on March 25 on The Peach Report Daily. The “RHOA” cast included in the scene consisted of Cynthia BaileyShamea MortonLaToya AliPorsha Williams, and Marlo Hampton. Sidora and Moore got into an intense argument after the 50-year-old refuses to twerk for the rental property’s better rooms. 

In the video, the “White Chicks” star gifts Bailey one of the “best rooms” because Sidora felt terrible she couldn’t perform at her wedding. She said as Bailey got up to embrace her for the sweet gesture. “But for the best room, I had to give it to my girl Cynthia, because I couldn’t sing at your wedding. I kind of owe you a little bit. It is the best suite in the whole New Orleans. OK, I hope you enjoy.”

Drew Sidora (left), Kenya Moore (right). (Photos: @drewsidora/Instagram, @thekenyamoore/Instagram)

When asked if the rooms were the same size, Sidora told the ladies they will have to twerk for their living arrangements. “They’re not all the size. We are gonna make it fun. Whoever does the best booty bounce — y’all better work.” As Morton begins to gyrate, Moore — who brought her daughter Brooklyn Daly on the trip — asked Sidora for her key. She said, “You can just give me my key. I’m not going to degrade myself for a room.”

Sidora tried informing Moore that she only needs to do a little bounce as she instructed the band behind her to play “booty bouncing music.” “It’s a booty bounce. We are in New Orleans.”

An agitated Moore picks up her daughter and tries to leave while asking Sidora numerous times to give her a key. “Can I have my room key? I am asking for the fourth time.” 

The “RHOA” newbie wondered where the hostility was coming from and responded to her co-star, “I don’t understand the anger.” Moore quickly changed her tone and asked for the final time, “May I have my key, please.” As the clip ended, Sidora expressed how she didn’t understand why Moore made a big deal out of a fun situation. She said, “What’s the problem? Girl, you paid for that booty, bounce it.”  

Fans’ reactions to the scene were split. Some got Moore’s reasoning because her daughter was present, and she didn’t want to put herself in what she deemed a “demeaning” stance. Others claimed Moore was negative.

“I mean her daughter is right there but she was focused on the iPad so😩🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“Like at this point, Drew want an issue. Just give the lady the key. Kenya didn’t have to dance if she didn’t want to and Kenya had to ask her multiple times for the key. Hell I would have gotten mad too!!”

“I’m sorry but I’m with Kenya on this. Her daughter is standing right there.”

“No one was forcing Kenya. Drew was only trying to have fun. Negativity is draining smh”

“Drew was just trying to have fun 🙄🙄🙄.”

“Kenya is draining and sucks the fun out the show. If you gone be so judgmental and a Debbie downer just don’t come back just stick to taking care of your beautiful daughter.”

Sidora and Moore’s feud began last year after the mother of one compared the “Step Up” actress to a stray animal following her debut on “RHOA.” The women met at a wine tasting at Bailey’s home, and the former beauty queen said during a confessional how “underwhelmed” she was meeting Sidora. 

“Oh, Cynthia, where do you get all of these strays from, honey? I mean what do you do? Do you just visit the local pound?” 

After the insult was aired on television in December 2020, Sidora threw shade at Moore’s rocky marriage to Marc Daly. She wrote on Instagram, “The definition of stray: not in the right place; separated from a target. My family is all together under the roof. Girl, you good? #rhoa.” 

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