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Xscape Group Member LaTocha Scott Stands with T.I. and Tiny Harris Amid the Couple’s Sexual Abuse Allegations, Fans Remain Divided

Fans may be split on what to believe when it comes to major sexual abuse allegations surrounding rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny Harris, but friend and Xscape group member LaTocha Scott is standing with the couple.

While promoting her new cookbook, “LaTocha’s Planted Lifestyle,” on “The Wendy Williams Show,” the singer proved she can take the heat in the kitchen while whipping up some of her recipes and answering questions about the allegations surrounding her friends.

T.I. has publicly defended himself and wife Tiny from allegations of coercing women to do drugs and to participate in intimate activities with the couple. (Photo: @majorgirl/Instagram)

Williams asked, “How are you feeling about the latest revelations with Tiny and T.I.?”

“You know, I hate that this is happening, but I mean that’s my family, and I don’t use that word family lightly. That’s my sister and I support her, and I’m just going to continue to pray for her and this whole situation,” responded Scott.

The couple is accused of drugging multiple women for the purpose of participating in sexual actives and running a sex ring.

Williams probed further by asking, “Do you believe any of it?”

“I do not. I know her character and that’s not her,” said Scott. Taking notice on Scott’s emphasis of supporting and believing Tiny, Williams asked, “what about him [T.I.]?”

“That’s not his character as well,” said Scott. “They’re good people, and I think this whole ordeal has brought them closer together. That’s my family and we’re just going to support them and pray for them, and that’s all.”

Xscape members (from left) LaTocha Scott, Tamika Scott, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Kandi Burruss. (Photo: @iamlatocha/Instagram)

On social media fans were divided about what to make of the interview. Some viewed Williams as messy for bringing up the situation during a segment about Scott’s cookbook, others believed Scott might not know her friends as well as she thinks, and some applauded her matter-of-fact responses to the questions.

“No one has been convicted or proven guilty yet and she and Tiny grew up together in the industry and built a bond. Stand next to your people. Not everyone is gonna crucify people because of allegations,” wrote one person.

“I wouldn’t have answered😭😭you invited me here to talk about me. Not Clifford and Tamika,” commented another.

“just because they’re good people to you don’t mean they’re good people to everyone”

“Phaedra was telling the truth just the wrong Xscape member! 😂” mentioned a commenter, referring to the years-old accusations of fellow Xscape group member having a sex dungeon.
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