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Tammy Rivera Says Reality TV Has Taught Her That Viewers ‘Love the Fake’

Tammy Rivera does not have many regrets when it comes to being on reality TV, but she does have some thoughts about how fans perceive people on reality TV.

On Wednesday March 24, she told the Jasmine Brand, “I feel like the realer you are the more you get condemned. Like the more honest you are, people still call you a liar. The more honest you are you’re a dummy. The more stuff you put out there people criticize.”

Tammy Rivera
Tammy Rivera (Photo: @charliesangelll/Instagram)

She continued, explaining why she believes the opinionated reality TV watchers do that. “It’s like nowadays social media and people, they love the fake.” She said those people tend to enjoy “the fake stories,” “the fake relationships,” “the fake money,” and “the stuff that’s portrayed” but according to Rivera when someone shows “the real stuff, people criticize it and you’re not their fav.” The “All These Kisses” singer went on to say the backlash received from fans can be “overwhelming” because “it’s like you have to fake it to make it and I just don’t know how to do that.”

Rivera, as many others have expressed, discussed how draining social media can be on her mental. She said “I really get tired of the world. I get tired of going on social media seeing a police kill a black man. I get tired of seeing shootings and racism.” She even said, “I get tired of seeing twerking all f-cking day long,” before making sure she notes that she loves to do it herself but just doesn’t like to see it and do it 24/7. She also has a 15-year-old daughter named Charlie who is now old enough to read some of the backlash her family may receive on social media.

When the 34-year-old was asked if she has tried taking breaks from social media, she admitted that social media is not only addicting but that it is also “a part of [her] work and a part of [her] life.” So not using social media “is money coming out of [her] pocket.”

Rivera, who is married to former rapper Waka Flocka, has been on multiple reality TV shows like “Love and Hip Hop,” “Marriage Bootcamp,” “What the Flocka” and more. And it’s clear that even after being under the spotlight for years, it does not make being criticized and judged any easier.

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