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‘Why Are You So Loud All the Time?’: Sherri Shepherd and Cocoa Brown List Out Reasons Why Dating Is Difficult As a Female Comedian

A topic of conversation people always seem to discuss is dating. It’s the one thing many people are still trying to figure out and learn how to do correctly so they can get out of the talking stage and get into the relationship stage.

Now Sherri Shepherd is taking on this topic with her fellow comedian Cocoa Brown, and apparently their dating lives are just as difficult as those of the rest of us. On a March 18 episode of Shepherd’s podcast “Two Funny Mamas,” which she co-hosts with Kym Whitley, she discusses “dating, parenting, and procedural approach as a woman in comedy,” with Brown.

Sherri Shepherd (left) and Cocoa Brown (right). (Photo: @sherrishepherd/Instagram, @cocoabrownonefunnymama/Instagram)

During a conversation about dating, Brown reveals how men seem to act when dating her because they are aware that she is a comedian. She said, “You get the one that thinks you always want to crack a joke. They think they can out-joke you. And the minute you hit them with a jab, because that’s what you do, then you can see their ego and their pride just disintegrate right in front of you. And you’re like, ‘Yeah, we ain’t gon’ make it, this our last date.’” The 48-year-old added, “Or you get the ones who try to act like what you do is not that special. Then you get the one that all of a suddenly realizes ‘she know everybody, now I can know everybody.’ Now they want to be the life at the party when you go to the club.”

Later Brown mentioned that the men she has dated in the past seem to “think that we are so non-feminine, but we’re actually very feminine. The persona that I am on stage is very different than who I am off stage.”

Shepherd, who seemingly shared the same sentiments as Brown, went on to tell a story about a guy she met at a Los Angeles club called Carlos and Charlie’s, someone she dated for about a year. According to her, “It was a horrible year.” She said her then-boyfriend would ask her “‘Why are you so loud all the time?’ ‘When you met me I was loud, I was on stage killing.’ Then he was like, ‘Why you tell all your business on stage?’ She revealed that it was that kind of attitude that made their relationship fall apart because “he didn’t get it.”

Shepherd was married to her first husband Jeff Tarpley for nine years before getting divorced in 2010. She remarried in 2011 before ending that in 2015. She has one son with each ex-husband. Brown is also a divorcée and has an 8-year-old son from the previous marriage.

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