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‘The Lip Gloss Was Never Really That Poppin’: Jackée Harry and Lil Mama Feud In Response to the Rapper’s Call for a ‘Heterosexuals Rights Movement’

Lil Mama had some choice words for Jackée Harry after the “Sister, Sister” star called her out publicly for some controversial comments Lil Mama made concerning the LGBTQ+ community.

Lil Mama’s social media messages expressed that she doesn’t believe that kids are developed enough to make extreme decisions about their gender and suggested that allowing them to do so is a covert “depopulation” agenda. When the remarks received considerable backlash online, Harry decided to add her voice to the chorus. She wrote in a tweet, “The lip gloss was never really that poppin” later adding, “Be true to yourself. You were made perfectly I love you for who you are” with a rainbow emoji.

Lil Mama shared a screenshot of Harry’s tweets to her Instagram story and alleged the actor blocked her.

L-R: Jackée Harry and Lil Mama. (Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images. Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows)

“Thought you was a Sister Sister, More like Sister Act! That’s the problem now. These new young girls don’t respect y’all old b—hes. Why? Because y’all don’t reach out and provide genuine council,” she wrote. “You play these internet childish games and end up in a childish mix. WHERE ARE OUR ROLE MODELs? CAUSE IM TIRED OF YALL OLD HOLLYWOOD Bulls–t! Kiss my ass Jackie.”

Harry shared a tweet not long afterward that could possibly by taken as a response to the tirade.

“Wisdom comes from an exclusive club..with entrance based solely on dues you’ve already paid – in full!” she wrote.

The “Lip Gloss” rapper faced harsh criticism after she posted what appeared to be a rebuttal to Michelle Obama’s interview with Zaya Wade, the 13-year-old trans child whose father and stepmother are Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union.

“So children are too young to smoke cigarettes, too young to drink alcohol, too young to get a driver’s license, too young to go to a club, too young to gamble, too young to rent a car, but old enough to cut off their genitals and/or ‘change’ their gender? This is insanity America,” the Instagram post read.

Lil Mama was accused of transphobia after she reposted the message about transgender children and added, “DEPOPULATION AT ANY COST CAT FIGHTS SWORD FIGHTS Used be a cat now ima dog WHATEVER TO STOP NEW LIFE REPRODUCTION.”

Not long after posting that message, she took to Instagram Live to explain herself, clarifying that if her prepubescent niece told her she wanted to become a boy she would have a long conversation with her to gauge how she felt, and where she was coming from. “Children feel like they can make a choice of changing their genitals before they even go through puberty,” she said. “You don’t even know who you are or what you like.”

“Young women are talking about BBLs and things like that before their breasts and their buttocks are even fully developed,” she added. “We have to be very sensitive and mindful when we’re dealing with our children.”

“We are not talking about grown people who can make the choice to do and be whatever they choose to do and be. We’re talking about children who may even look at us later on and say, ‘Well, why did you let me do that?'”

In response to the backlash generated by her previous words, last week Lil Mama made another Instagram post announcing that she wanted to start a “heterosexual rights movement” to prevent what she said is bullying from LGBTQ+ advocates to muzzle heterosexuals.

“Y’all fight so hard to be respected and SOME of you, NOT ALL, get a kick out bullying people for having an option, how they dress, how their hair and or makeup looks, how much money they have, etc,” she wrote in an Instagram Story. “There are so many people afraid to give their honest opinion (sic) because if they do the LGBTQ+ will hear what they want to hear and take statements out of context. I don’t have to prove myself by reminding people that I have loved ones of the LGBTQ+ Community. When I speak I’m not trying to hurt anyone, I’m just speaking my truth, just like you all.”

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