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‘It’s the Trigger That This Whole Thing Has Started for Me’: Tamar Braxton, Cyn Santana, Lil Duval and Adrien Broner All Give Their Opinions on Quavo and Saweetie’s Breakup

The sexes are battling it out when it comes to Quavo and Saweetie’s sudden breakup. On March 17 rumors began swirling that Quavo and Saweetie might have hit a rough patch in their relationship after it was detected that Saweetie had unfollowed Quavo. The next day he unfollowed her back, and on March 19, Saweetie confirmed their split on Twitter.

The whole weekend the Black community lit up their social medias with their opinions about the situation. Quavo was made out to be the villain by many since Saweetie alleged that he cheated by saying, “the love isn’t real when the intimacy is given to other women.” He responded with two tweets one of them being, “I had love for you and disappointed you did all that. You are not the woman I thought you were. I wish you nothing but the best🙏🏽.” Saweetie responded with a simple, “Take care.” Many people, women especially, who might’ve been through something similar as Saweetie went on a rampage on their social media.

Saweetie and Quavo. (Photo: @saweetie/ Instagram)

Tamar Braxton, who knows about heartbreak all too well after experiencing a divorce with Vincent Herbert and going through a very messy breakup with her ex David Adefeso, said in two now-deleted Instagram posts, “I don’t think some people know the powerful meaning behind a ‘take care’ especially when they know what your cheatin lying a** really did🙄 those kind always want you to feel like it was something you did to make them unfaithful to you…i bet if u really checked, they did the same thing to the ex..#narrcisist.” She added in the next post, “It’s the trigger that this whole thing has started for me… NONE of us is safe…from the squares, lames and the rich ones‼️🤷🏽‍♀️always take back your power #stayunderconstruction smh.”

Tamar Braxton. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Cyn Santana who is the ex-fiancée of Joe Budden also had a few things to get off her chest. On Twitter she wrote, “That shit feel SO good when you leave a cheating a** ungrateful a** lying a** selfish a** dirty d-ck ** dusty a** bum of a man. Go be a liberating Queen and leave his a** sis!!! YOU the prize really☺️ .” Santana and Budden split after Santana said that she found things in Budden’s phone that proved he was cheating on her.

Cyn Santana (Photo: @cynsantana/Instagram) tweet. (Photo: @cyn_santana/Twitter)

As these situations typically go, while women were sticking up for Saweetie, men were trying to convince non-celebrity women to stay with their men. And Lil Duval was one of those men.

He tweeted, “Don’t let saweetie breaking up with quavo gas you up to leave yo man. She gon find her a new nigga easy, You ain’t.” It’s not surprising that the 43-year-old comedian has taken this stance on the situation, since almost two years ago he and Charlamagne Tha God joined forces to create the song and hashtag “Black Men Don’t Cheat,” which they also claimed as a holiday on June 12.

Lil Duval (Photo: @lilduval/Instagram) Tweet (Photo: @lilduval/Twitter)

Professional boxer Adrien Broner wrote a similar message on his Instagram. He said on the March 19 post, “A lot of women about to try to ride this saweetie wave but they don’t understand she established so she can leave a Ngga and be ok and find another Ngga of that caliber or better these other females go try that sht and be stuck with robin when they already was fcking Batman IDIOTS.”

He continued in the caption writing, “Don’t f*ck yo relationship up watching some s*ht from the outside nobody know what them two went thru and it’s nobody business just focus on you and your relationship and everything else won’t matter❤️#FreeGame.” Broner was in a relationship with the mother of his child Arie Nicole off and on for years, and they apparently even got engaged in 2015. Right now, it appears the two are off again, and there have been rumors of infidelity on both sides in the past.

Adrien Broner. (Photo: @adrianbroner/Instagram)

Some fans are speculating Quavo and Saweetie will get back together, but others believe that “Take Care” quote meant that she was done done.

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