‘Disconnect from Anyone and Anything That Robs You of Your Peace’: Porsha Williams Reacts to Marlo Hampton’s Shady Response After They Unfollow Each Other on IG

Porsha Williams responded to Marlo Hampton‘s post following the claims that the “Dish Nation” co-host unfriended and allegedly blocked the 44-year-old. The Peach Daily Report initially uploaded an image that pointed out that the two “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” co-stars were no longer following one another.

Williams seemingly confirms the allegations by writing in her now-deleted tweet, “Delete, unfollow, unfriend, block, erase, and disconnect from anyone and anything that robs you of your peace, love, and happiness. Not just on social media but in real life too. You don’t need to be around people who don’t see or appreciate your value.”

Marlo Hampton (left) and Porsha Williams (right). (Photos: @marlohampton/Instagram, @porsha4real/Instagram)

The day before Hampton shared an image of herself on her Instagram Story with a shocked expression and a shady caption while referencing Williams following the initial reports. She wrote, “Gurl…she is forever blocking and unfollowing somebody.” This incident comes after this week’s episode of “RHOA,” where Hampton and Williams clashed over Hampton’s rekindled relationship with co-star Kenya Moore

In the clip, Williams and Hampton talked about their estranged friendship at Shamea Morton’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” party after Drew Sidora brought up Moore’s name and the “it wasn’t me” hashtag while discussing Cynthia Bailey’s wedding. 

The “It Wasn’t Me” hashtag began immediately after news spread about two “RHOA” stars allegedly participating in a threesome with stripper BOLO, the entertainer during Bailey’s bachelorette party in South Carolina. A couple of the “RHOA” cast members, including Moore and Hampton, did the hashtag to eliminate themselves as the alleged culprits. 

Sidora said, “Kenya, she’s a bridesmaid in Cynthia’s wedding and the whole thing that’s going around, everything posted online it’s a bit crazy. I saw Kenya do this hashtag ‘it wasn’t me’ situation. You know kinda to eliminate herself. Then I was like, wait a minute. Marlo has done [the] hashtag, it wasn’t me.” 

Hampton explained she said something because her nephew asked her what she did on her trip following the allegations and felt she needed to shut down those rumors. The “RHOA” star also revealed she didn’t know Moore posted the same thing because the former beauty queen was still on her block list on Instagram. 

Williams didn’t buy the explanation and suggested Moore’s timing of amending her friendship with Hampton was calculated. “It just feels like Kenya could be using Marlo. I feel like since she did make up with her, part of it is genuine, but part of it is super calculated. Because she has this big campaign, and what better way to get somebody super gullible and weak for you to do your dirty work. So that’s what she’s done. She’s hired some help.” 

Following Williams’ statement, Hampton told the group that the “Dish Nation” co-host would “not regulate” who she is friends with. Fans’ reactions regarding the situation were split. Some felt Williams did what was in her best interest to keep her peace. At the same time, others agreed with Hampton and called out the mother of one for being childish. 

“Isn’t that what you supposed to do when you don’t fool with ppl anymore?”

“There’s nothing wrong with unfollowing ppl. If we don’t rock with each other, I don’t want to access to you & you shouldn’t want to have access to me 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

Marlo Hampton responds with a snide caption to Porsha Williams supposedly unfollowing and blocking her on Instagram. (Photo: @marlohampton/Instagram Story)

“She can unfollow whomever she chooses to. If you aren’t for me, I don’t want to see ya. ESPECIALLY if you are throwing shade.”

“I like Porsha but she needs to stop acting like a child. You can be cool with two different ppl at the same time. Marlo doesn’t have to cut off anyone for your sake she’s not your lap dog.”

“Porsha do stay doing that like she either blocking or unfollowing somebody every 5 seconds.”

“And yet she claims growth….Porsha so fake.”

While many people were debating whose side they should take, several others mentioned Williams unfollowed Hampton a while ago. One said while trying to figure out why this situation is becoming relevant now. “This happened months ago tho. I’m tryna figure out what’s the news?”

Another wrote, “But Porsha unfollowed her awhile ago lol.. I checked after she was on WWHL a couple of months back. Marlo just peeping.”

An Instagram user brought up that Hampton was the one following Williams. “Porsha wasn’t following her, she was following Porsha.”

Although the timing of the unfollowing and alleged blocking is unclear, one thing that is for sure is that “RHOA” fans are anticipating this situation playing out during the reunion.

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