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‘Which of You Lied’: Wendy Williams Dragged on Twitter After Saying April 10 Is ‘Wendy Williams Day’ In South Africa

Citizens of South Africa are confused after Wendy Williams announced that she has a special day in South Africa.

In the March 16 episode of Wendy’s “After Show,” she explained that while she was doing interviews for the release of her Lifetime biopic a journalist told her that April 10 is Wendy Williams Day in South Africa. The show host told her audience, “I just found out myself. April 10th is Wendy Williams Day in South Africa — I am not lying.”

Wendy Williams. (Photo: @wendyshow/Instagram)

Williams started from the beginning about how she learned the news. She said, “It was a big deal. Bernie and them got me on Zoom and I had a series of interviews and was informed [of the holiday] at that time.” Explaining why she is doing more interviews for it, she said, “What happens is — for my Lifetime event — the event was released here in the U.S. and anybody who saw it in any of our other 52 country friends only saw bits and pieces on Google. But on April 10th, it’s being released worldwide.”

She said a few of the South African journalists explained to her that many were highly anticipating the film. She said that the journalists told her, “‘No, you don’t understand, we are closing down businesses, we have to have a snack, we don’t want to talk during it — we wanna watch.’”

Many people, including South African citizens, tweeted that they were unaware of the day, and some automatically assumed it was not true. One person said, “Which of you lied to Wendy and told her April 10th is Wendy Williams day in South Africa?” Another person tweeted, “Did you guys know? Or am I the only one that didn’t.”

Finally, popular South African radio show host Anele Mdoda admitted to being the culprit that pulled Williams’ leg. She tweeted, “Yes guys, it was me who told Wendy Williams that… because it is. @LifetimeSA tell them it’s so #AneleandtheClub @947,” and added, “10th April. @LifetimeSA will screen #WendyWilliams movie and doccie !!! You know you will be watching 😁🥰 my interview with Wendy will play on my radio show the day before and you can hear there about Wendy Williams Day #AneleandtheClub.”
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