‘Should’ve Known Better’: Saweetie and Quavo Unfollow Each Other on IG Following Saweetie’s Appearance on Her Ex Justin Combs’s Show

Saweetie and Quavo‘s current relationship status made headlines on March 17 after fans found out the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram following the “Best Friend” rapper’s guest appearance on “Respectfully Justin,” with co-hosts Justin Laboy and her ex Justin Combs. Saweetie initially removed the Migos rapper first from her followers’ list, and a short time later Quavo followed suit. 

Many fans assumed it was because of the flirtatious nature between Saweetie and Combs during the interview. The two dated in 2016 — for an unknown amount of time — when Saweetie attended the University of Southern California, and broke up allegedly after Combs left the model for another woman.  

Saweetie and Quavo Photo:@quavohuncho/Instagram

The scene in question occurred on mark 2:41 when the rapper participated in a Q&A game that involves drinking alcohol if an inquiry is left unanswered. Laboy asked the 27-year-old if she ever had a one-night stand in college. She replied while mentioning her astrological sign, “No, I’ve always been in a relationship, faithful cancer s–t.” Combs supported those “cancer” claims by listing what he thinks is the astrological sign’s favorable traits, “They just know how to treat you. They bring the good sides out of you.”

When Laboy asked him when he met a cancer woman, Saweetie jumped in and suggested everyone take a shot. 

The interview premiered the same day on Revolt TV — founded by Justin [Comb’s] father Sean P. Diddy Combs in 2013 — as the initial unfollowing took place. Many fans bashed Saweetie for even considering being a part of the show that has her ex involved. 

“Why the f–k would you go on Justin messy ass show!? He toxiccccccc should’ve known lol.”

“I love Saweetie but girl she should’ve known better than to do an interview with her ex who clearly still has feelings for her 😭.”

“Listen I didn’t know they dated 😂 but after watching that interview, and the side eyes from saweetie and the zooming in on Justin’s face 😂 I get the feeling there’s still something there 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

“I would have been mad too that was mad flirty.”

“Nah this disrespectful asf you should never be anywhere with your ex if you taken in a faithful relationship‼️‼️‼️‼️”

Saweetie initially unfollowed the Migos rapper following her interview on “Respectfully Justin.” Quavo followed suit a short time later. Photo: @saweetie @quavohuncho/Instagram

Saweetie and Quavo started dating in 2018 after the “Bad & Bougie” rapper hopped in her Instagram DMs and messaged her a snowflake emoji. Following the direct message, the pair became a highly publicized couple and a fan favorite. But late last year, rumors circulated that Quavo allegedly cheated on Saweetie with Reginae Carter, something the “ICY” rapper denied on Twitter.

She said, “Quit spreading that fake news before y’all get Quavo a– in trouble cuz I don’t play that s–t”

Quavo also denied the allegations by saying, “Internet crazy Man. Not Weezy Daughter No!”

It’s unclear if Quavo and Saweetie have called it quits, but many fans are hopeful they’re still an item.

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