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Ray J Reveals ‘It’s Been Two Years’ Since He and Princess Love Have Slept In the Same Bed

Anyone who keeps up with Ray J and Princess Love’s relationship knows that their marriage has had its ups and major downs. In a recent episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Family Reunion,” Ray J and castmate Scrappy open up to each other about their marital issues.

While Ray J details the troubles between him and Love, who did not show up to the event, Scrappy explained that he could relate to Ray J in his own marriage. Although he was trying to be comforting, in a sense, Ray J revealed in one way how he topped Scrappy’s problems in some way.

Princess Love, Ray J and their kids (Photo: @princesslove)

Ray J asked Scrappy “when is the last time you slept in the bed with your wife?” Confused as to why he asked the question, Scrappy laughed a bit and said, “I always sleep in the bed with my wife.”

Cutting him off, Ray J revealed how long it’s been since he and Love slept in the same bed. He said, “Exactly. My n—a it’s been two years.” Right before the clip ends, Scrappy slightly tilts his head down in shock.

The season episodes obviously were filmed months ago and apparently Ray J and Love are in a much better place now. In an interview with TMZ, Ray J revealed that he and Love were moving to Miami and may even have to start making an appearance on “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” instead of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.” Giving an update on the current status of Ray J and Love’s relationship, the entrepreneur said, “Well, we are together. Are we back together? Well, I think that’s a journey that we have to take. But I think we are together and I think we love being together. Now it’s just figuring out how do we keep it consistent and how do we enjoy life together and be good together. Because I think we’re meant to be together.”

But that was early last month, and Ray J since has deleted all of his photos from Instagram. So there is no telling what is going on with him and his wife now.

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