‘I Know You’re Lying’: Fans Are Shocked After Keyshia Cole Announces Her Retirement

Keyshia Cole has made a shocking announcement: she is retiring from music.

After tweeting “SMH … Stay focused..” on March 15, a fan responded, “You winning right now Keyshia your new single is buzzing up the charts you should be top 20 next week! Stay focused u got this!!” Although she was probably grateful for the kind words, Cole responded, “I’m retiring..”

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole. (Photo: @keyshiacole/Instagram)

Another fan who seemingly thought Cole was joking said, “I know you’re lying!!!!😂😂😂 Keyshia it’s not your time to retire I need at least 3 more albums!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼” Cole swiftly responded, “I’m not lying.”

Cole’s followers went into an uproar over her news, and fans that have been anxiously waiting for her eighth album began to get discouraged. One person said, “Come on now Keysh so we ain’t getting the album no more I’m about to cry 🙄😢.” Providing some relief, Cole responded, “No. I’m already contracted to do so, I wouldn’t do that to @BMG,myself, or my fans. But I’m gonna have to move at my pace with this one #Album8.”

Keyshia Cole tweets about her eighth album (Photo: @keyshiacole/Twitter)

Of course, with this sudden announcement, people wanted to know why she’s deciding to retire, and Cole said it’s “My children.” Cole is a mother of two boys, her firstborn Daniel Gibson Jr., whom she had with NBA player Daniel Gibson, and Tobias Khale, whose father is her ex Niko Khale.

Cole did not explain whether she was going to just become a full-time mom or what she will be doing while she’s in retirement. She also has not dropped any other hints about the release date for the eighth album. For the past few months, she has been promoting it and saying that it will be coming soon. Hopefully, she will make it worthwhile for fans if it might be her final album.

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