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‘This Is the Tamar I’ve Been Waiting for’: Tamar Braxton Writes Lengthy Encouraging Message to Celebrate Her Birthday

Tamar Braxton is turning 44 today and to celebrate she has posted two videos of her doing a photo shoot. In the first video, she is wearing a pink and black robe while wind blows in her hair.

In the second, she is wearing black pants and a black blazer and no shirt or undergarments. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail and the video ends with her singing along with someone in the background. But the other important part of the post was the caption she wrote for herself. 

Tamar Braxton (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

She started it by saying, “I really played myself this time last year… we were on lockdown and I remember being so broken because I thought that a celebration of me came from the man I loved.. little did I know he was emotionally cheating🙄… I’m so grateful that my 44th celebration around the sun is filled with those who truly love me.. flaws & all, was here when my face actually hit the pavement and I was left homeless. Heartless, jobless and 50 pounds overweight.”

Braxton also shouted out a few of her close friends and people that she works with such as her photographer, her creative director and Dr. Holly, whom she said called her and said to her “This is the Tamar I’ve been waiting for.. now let’s go get your blessings.” The 44-year-old continued, “I’m so grateful for these people and the patience that they have and continually have in me not allowing me to be shy and not afraid to tell me about myself, but, sticks around for the positive change to happen cause they know I’m #underconstruction🚧 …”

Apparently, this is not the last time fans will be hearing from the mother of one on her special day. She added, “I’m going to be sharing a lot today cause the devil almost tricked me out of my life and every single amazing blessing that I have had since that dark day… depression is real.. and I don’t know who needs to hear this.. but you are enough.. & if you don’t feel like you are.. don’t wait until your birthday to celebrate your wins… write them down and celebrate #sttamarsday as your day and know that if I can pick up the pieces YOU can too‼️ 🍀🍀”

It’s not clear what all Braxton will be doing for the day to celebrate herself, but she has been on a trip with one of her girlfriends who is also a single mom. They took their children on vacation with them where they spent some time on the beach.

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